27 November 2007

LED madness!

In one of my crazier moments, I recently purchased a surplus Schauf LED message board. It's a pretty nifty piece of hardware - it has two 2x16 character displays (one on each side) that can also go into a 1x8 mode with double-sized characters. The two sides display the same message; I have not checked yet whether they can be addressed individually, but I suspect not. The innards are OEM'ed by PolyComp, and they talk to a PC over an RS-232 serial link, via a proprietary (but fortunately fairly well documented) protocol.

Currently the sign is hanging in Project Club and displaying headlines from some RSS feeds (Newsvine, Ars Technica, and Case News, if you must know). It's also possible to send a message to the thing using AOL Instant Messenger, though I'm not going to publish the screenname on this blog. :) The software to accomplish this is written in Ruby, and, on the off chance that any other Ruby programmers happen to have one of these signs, I've put the code for communicating with the sign on opensource.case.edu.

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22 March 2006

Black Pearl TextMate Theme

I've been searching for a while for the perfect syntax highlighting color scheme for my text editor of choice, TextMate. I finally found one that's close: Ruby Blue. Half an hour of modifications later, it's morphed into Black Pearl.

Black Pearl TextMate Theme Preview

Black Pearl II TextMate Theme Preview

If you like it, grab the Black Pearl theme file.

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28 February 2006

start.case.edu Technology Preview

If you've been reading Gregory Szorc's blog carefully lately, you might have picked up on some hints about an upcoming service from Student Internet Services.

The new service is start.case.edu, and we're pleased to announce the immediate availability of a Technology Preview version of the service. As the URL suggests, the new site is intended to be a starting point for finding information on the Case network. It features links to a variety of Case network services, and displays recent headlines and information from several sources including Planet Case, the Case Wiki, and the Undergraduate Student Government calendar.

start.case.edu uses Ajax and other up-to-date Web technologies that allow it to be fast, attractive, and easily customizable. You're encouraged to customize the page with the mixture of links and information that you'll find most useful. We hope to introduce even more customization options in the coming weeks.

Go and check it out! If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them on the Feedback board at forum.case.edu or send them to start (at) case (dot) edu.

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17 February 2006

forum.case.edu is live!

Student Internet Services is pleased to announce that forum.case.edu, an online discussion forum that has been in testing for several months, now replaces the home.cwru.edu forums. The new forums use CAS for login, so anyone with a Case ID can participate. Come on over and check out the new site - we even have smileys!

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12 February 2006


Today I got fed up (sorry) with my current RSS reader, and set out to find a new one. I settled on NewsFire. Unfortunately, NewsFire does not display the categories associated with each item. There are a few feeds (notably Planet Case) where I want to view this information, so I came up with a solution.


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10 February 2006

Lost and Found

I just read in the Observer article about the USG Forum that people want a place to post Lost and Found notices on the Web. I agree, especially since the illicitly-obtained freshman class email list is currently a popular outlet for them.

One hour and one quick conversation later: Lost and Found on forum.case.edu. (Thanks, Simon!)

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9 February 2006

photos.case.edu upgrade

I just finished rolling out a new version of the photos.case.edu Web site. New features include multiple categories per image, a sweet new photo previewer (Thanks, Ben, for finding Lightbox Plus), and some behind-the-scenes improvements.

Look for more new features in the coming weeks as we move to a new server. In the meantime, please submit lots of photos to the site, and tell me about any ideas you have to improve it!

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