Technology Preview

If you've been reading Gregory Szorc's blog carefully lately, you might have picked up on some hints about an upcoming service from Student Internet Services.

The new service is, and we're pleased to announce the immediate availability of a Technology Preview version of the service. As the URL suggests, the new site is intended to be a starting point for finding information on the Case network. It features links to a variety of Case network services, and displays recent headlines and information from several sources including Planet Case, the Case Wiki, and the Undergraduate Student Government calendar. uses Ajax and other up-to-date Web technologies that allow it to be fast, attractive, and easily customizable. You're encouraged to customize the page with the mixture of links and information that you'll find most useful. We hope to introduce even more customization options in the coming weeks.

Go and check it out! If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them on the Feedback board at or send them to start (at) case (dot) edu.

Nicole Sharp said on March 1, 2006 09:30 AM:

That looks great. Thanks for sharing it up here. If nothing else, it finally got me to look more closely at, which I think I may be switching to from for my website. It's so much easier to maintain in PHP.

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