Inefficiency and Mismanagement

For a car dealership to succeed, mismanagement must be kept to a minimum. I remember one situation that could have been prevented with more proactive management. In this situation, there was a car with a puncture in the door which required the replacement of the whole door. The car was not repaired promptly, and it remained parked with this damage until it was sold. Waiting until the last minute to find a solution resulted in compromising company efficiency and resources. The service department was forced to swap the door from a similar car. This solved the problem only temporarily because I soon sold the new car with the damaged door. Again, there was an inefficient use of company resources, and the customer left the dealership with a negative impression. One way to solve this problem would be to have better communication between management and employees. The manager may have thought that the employee who sold the first car had put in the work order for a door replacement. However, no one ended up doing this. Better communication between the manager and the employee could have easily solved this situation.


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