The Importance of Training

When reflecting on our classroom discussion about training, I realized that I was exposed to extensive training while working as a Volkswagen sales consultant. The first type of training was internal. I received advice from my manager at the dealership. He gave me several helpful tips that he had acquired during his twenty years in the car business. Additionally, Volkswagen corporate and the car dealership had to orient me as well as the other new sales employees to it goals and views. Volkswagen required employees to attend training seminars at local hotels. They also had a training website with flash presentations to introduce sales personnel to new products. Volkswagen also provided live televised courses that included employee participation over the phone. The last type of training I received came from external sources. I listened to third party training tapes that were supplied by the dealership. Training was a very important part of my job and helped contribute to my success. Training should be considered important to the success of any business.


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