The Jonah Creighton Dilemma

I enjoyed the class discussion about the Jonah Creighton case. It was interesting to hear the diverse solutions to Jonah's dilemma. The most interesting aspect of the class discussion focused on whether or not it was correct for Jonah to direct his time on resolving something that was ethically wrong. Many argued that it was wrong for Jonah to use company time and resources to do something that was not his job. In my opinion, there were several ways Jonah could have solved the problem while still being able to do his job. The most effective way to handle the situation would have been filing a complaint with the company's human resources department. Doing this would have transferred the responsibility from Jonah to another group of people more capable of solving the issue. It also would have saved the working relationship between Jonah and his supervisor. Most importantly, Jonah would have been able to continue his job knowing that he had not compromised any of his values.

Margolis, Joshua D. "Jonah Creighton." Harvard Business School.


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Exactly! HR interaction is key to this issue. I agree with you. What do you think made the British company 'know' the man was black? I enjoy your citing.

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