Cleaning up Cleanup

While working as a car salesman this summer, there was always one problem that persisted to annoy my fellow salesmen. This problem was dirty or scratched cars on the day of delivery. The source of this problem was the cleanup crew at our dealership. The cleanup crew was responsible for making new cars spotless for delivery. Unfortunately, the quality of work and reliability from the cleanup department had its high and low points. The climax occurred when a salesman lost his temper and yelled at a worker in the cleanup department. As a result, tempers flared and the worker threw a towel at the salesman and said, “Do it yourself!” Due to many complaints, the majority of the cleanup crew was fired. The reasons for termination strongly relate to those mentioned in my Management 250 class during the "termination at will" discussion. The cleanup crew exhibited unsatisfactory performance and misconduct. The situation described gives a great example of when employees should be terminated. In a effort to improve the situation, we hired a cleanup crew that was managed by an external company. The problem with cleanup was solved only temporarily. Unfortunately, once the managers from the external company stopped visiting, the same problems began again.



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During the summer when I worked for my grade school we ran into a similar situation. In order for the floors of the classrooms to be resurfaced the furniture had to be moved out. My boss and I did not have enough time to move all the furniture out and resurface the floors on top of all the other daily maintenance that had to be done. In a response to this volunteers came in to move the furniture, but one more than one occurrence they did not complete their job and thus our work was slowed. It was very frustrating.

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