Termination at Will

In class today we talked about the topic of “termination at will”. This means that a company has the right to terminate an employee whenever and however it sees fit. This only applies when there are no contracts or union agreements that prevent the company from firing the employee. To avoid legal repercussions, the employee should satisfy one of the following five criteria. These criteria are unsatisfactory performance, misconduct, lack of qualifications for the job, changed requirements for the job, and elimination of the job position. I feel as a future manager this set of criteria will allow me to make responsible decisions when determining the future of an employee within my company.


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Posted by: Andrew
Posted on: December 11, 2006 03:25 PM

Great stuff! How often would you 'terminate at wll?' I found it hard to kill cats that aren't quite dead yet....until they get to join on the Ark, of course.

That last statement was me being tired. Check my blog out for more information about that!

Anyways, I find that termination is the hardest thing to do- would 'termination at will' require a severence package?

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