Wow!! What a night!!

Yesterday started out kind of blah but then became completely random and exciting. I'll get to that but first I must catch you up on this past week.

This week has been a pretty good one. I had my first Calc test on monday which I ACED!!! That's right: 100%! I was so happy I could have screamed. Then week started to go downhill from there. That's when I contracted the "5:30 Virus", a virus where, no matter what I'm doing, at 5:30 everyday I get a fever and start to feel really crappy. I had felt kind of tired Wed. morning so I got a coffee and then, at 5:30, I just got even worse. I had a lab that night so I went and got another coffee. By then I was wired. Molly, the other Physics/Voice double major and my lab partner, and I were wired during the lab. Even after 3 hours of work, we were so hyped. The two of us and Alex, another guy from our physics class, went to quiznos to get some dinner since none of us had eaten yet. Then we went back to their building, Tyler, to hang out in the lobby. At around 10:30 Sam called asking if I wanted to go to Arabica. The two of us, plus Jordan, went over there and what did I do? Got another coffee, a white mocha to be exact. Stupid Stuipd girl. Both Sam and I were sitting at our computers around 3 that morning saying "Are you tired?" "No." "Do you think we should try and go to sleep?" "It is 3 in the morning." The next morning was a hard morning to get myself out of bed. I actually slept a little late but was able to get to SAGES by 8:30.

Thursday night was another night of studying. I had a physics test on friday so I was studying all evening. I couldn't go to Archery because I had a review section for the test during it so Jordan stopped by to tell me what I missed. I went over to the study room in Wade to study around 1:00 so that I wouldn't disturb Sam while studying. I finished the practice problems and made my review sheet and hit the sac around 3 again that night.

That test went pretty well and, after the usual friday quiz in Calc, the week was done! Jordan came over to watch Smallvill since the two of us missed thursday night (Thank God for Tivo). We got to snack on the food from my wonderful parent's care package. I got a ton of food, B&N Gift cards, and a beautiful necklace :-) There was an Archery fun shoot that night and I brought Sam along with me to have her try shooting. She isn't as interested as Jordan and I but she has her fencing so she's fine. The fun shoot was nice. We played a game. We split into 3 teams and each team had a castle. Other teams would shoot at it to wound it and different parts of the castle were worth different points. There were also 2 health targets and wild card targets. Each team started with 80 points and the last team with points wins. Our team didn't win but it was still alot of fun. It was my only time shooting but my aim is getting much better. I could hit a health target that was a 8 inches on a side at about 16 meters about 2/3s of the time. I'm getting there and it is so much fun! After the shoot Jordan and Zhen came by and we all grabbed some dinner before heading back to our room and playing some Hand and Foot and watching Anastasia.

That brings us back to yesterday. It really did start out kind of sucky. I slept till 12, went to lunch with Sam at 1, and the day was so nice I went for a walk around campus. By 3 o'clock, however, I was back asleep in Sam's amazing chair. I slept until 6 when I had to go work on a group physics assignment. I went to dinner with Mark, Zhen, and Sam and then we went over to catch the end of the Football game because there was going to be a fireworks show going on right after. I actually got into the game. We were down by 7 to 14 going into the 4th quarter and we actually scored a touchdown but the kicker blew the extra point so we lost by 1. The fireworks were nice and then the craziness began.

We were invited to go clubbing by some girls on the hall but, after checking out the place they wanted to go, we changed our minds. We spend the next half an hour acting nuts in the hall. Some people were passing Sheeba around and then they stole her shoes and threw them over the ledge of our balcony onto the 2nd floor one. She went out to get them with Sam and Matt and some people put the couch infront of the door so they couldn't get back in. So, Sheeba decided to climb over the edge down onto the 2nd floor balcony outside to get her shoes!

Sam and I figured out how to make our computers look like strobe lights by making a powerpoint presentation of white and black screens and looping them with an automatic transition time of 00:00 seconds. From outside, our room looked like a party was going on inside. One of these weekends we are going to turn our room into a club.

Jordan got back from a concert and told us all about it. Sam and Zhen went down to the lobby to play pool and Jordan broke out his new ping pong stuff for us to play. A little later Matt brought out is volleyball and the five of us played sand volleyball at midnight. To cap up the evening the five of us, plus Jocelyn, all played a game of Pit before turning in. Towards the end of the game, Matt started falling asleep in between rounds so we just let him crash on our floor/chair since he was too tired to walk upstairs to his room.

All I can say is I LOVE COLLEGE!!!! Until next time, thanks for reading.


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