Okay, well it was kind of a wimpy snow. Like, it was very variable and the flakes were extremely small. But still, it did snow. And snow is in the forcast all the way till tomorrow night so who knows what is to come.

Cleveland weather is certainly interesting. It was farirly warm until the month of October when it dropped down like 20 degrees to average in the 50s. Then, out of the blue, last week it was amazing fall weather. The skies were clear, the temperature was moderate, everything was nice....for about 2 days. And now, the average is around 45. It is supposed to snow today and tomorrow and then again next Wednesday. It will be quite a shock to get on a plane in 30 degree weather with snow and get off two hours later to a nice mild 60.

Well, this was short but I had to brag about my tiny bit of snow. Maybe I'll have more to report later on (and possibly pictures!!!). Until next time, thanks for reading.


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