April 29, 2008

Week 15

This week my very final copy of my proposal is due. I have had Beverly read my proposal and she told me what I need to fix and clarify to make my proposal correct. I also got back my results from the panel review and will be revising my paper due to what was said. I needed to clarify my writing and use more professional language in some areas. I have done so and will have my paper signed by Beverly and hand in the final copy to Steve.

Week 14

The final papers are due this week and will be discussed on a panel in class. I have revised my paper based on what help I was given from my classmates and from Steve. Things I need to do are proof read a little better as well as add some pictures to my proposal. The addition of the pictures will greatly clarify my work and where it will be done. This is about all the work that I will have time to do this week.

Week 12

This week I handed in first draft of my proposal to be evaluated by the class and by Steve. I also read some of the other first drafts and given my feedback. They were all rather good. I seem to need to proofread my paper a little better and clarify a few issues. Adding some images to help describe the area where the farm and gas wells in Ohio are located. Over the next week I hop to talk to Beverly and get her input on my proposal as well as find out some information about working on my project over the summer.

Week 11

This week I get back my outline and I talked to Beverly in order to discuss any questions to correct holes in my research. She clarified some issues for me. I also found learned a lot about my paper and the Clinton Formation from reading some more papers and the atlas I was given a few weeks ago. I think I will now be able to write my first draft.

wekk 10

This week I handed in my outline of my proposal explaining how I will conduct my research. It will be evaluated by Steve in order to clarify what I need to work on. I have found a lot of good information on how to interpret well logs and what the data will mean. This information came from some of the books that I acquired from Beverly on well log interpretation. Once I get the outline back I will hopefully begin writing my first draft.

Week 8

I have started to look online for some sources for my paper. I have found a few through a Google scholar search and some from the case libraries as well. I have read these papers and written an annotative bibliography. This will be handed in this week for class. I also talked to Beverly and she will be getting some more books on interpreting well logs to me some time this week or next.

March 02, 2008

Week 7

Steve is out of twon this week so there is no schedualed class. I went and talked to Beverly about my project and finalized that I would do it. She gave me an atlas to look through for some information about the Clinton Sandstone as well as a few books on how to interpret a well log. As far as papers go I begon looking for some through the library and managed to find a few that seem like they may be usefull but I have to go pick them up at the library. Beverly also advised me to search for some articles on something like google and I may find some useful papers that way.