quik notes.

Walking around a residence hall an anthropologist might assume from the writing that two different species live there. On the one hand, there is the clear intelligent writing of posters and signs warning and inviting students to various events, activities, and clubs. Alongside there are the barely intelligible scribbles of some actual students consisting of inside jokes and snide comments. These forms show and define the two different "species" of student life here at the university.
First, there are the formal postings, exemplifying university sponsored and controlled events, such as dances, classes, study sessions, clubs, etc. These activities are run usually by officials at the university and have rules and protocols, which need to be followed. While the activities can be social events such as dances, they are usually meetings and clubs, things that might look good on a resume, but only mildly entertaining. Writing is more for than by this species, made to remind and inform. Printed onto clean pretty colored paper, it attracts attention not with its content, but for its content, because the information it tells is not exciting, but merely important. An example would be SEX, a two-hour class that all the resident halls had on sex education. The poster clearly explained what it was about, and it got a rather important topic in university life covered in an official and professional matter.
The other "species" of university students is the one exemplified by random notes on walls and such. This species is the fun side of student life, wherein notes are for hook-ups, parties, and reminders of fun times past. Notes written by this side of student life exist on marker boards, sidewalk chalk, and bathroom stalls. Such writing is usually not very exciting to look at from a distance, but from experience students know that it is likely to be gossip, a funny joke, or otherwise entertaining. An example would be a dubious drawing and the words "BIG + VEINY + TRIUMPHANT", an obvious throwback to a popular movie that nearly the entire student population has seen. In that case, the writing was for a good quick laugh and was a reference towards the private life that students have off-campus.


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