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December 08, 2010

Student Music Groups

Music was part of the extracurricular life of Western Reserve University and Case Institute of Technology long before formal instruction was offered.

At Western Reserve College musical organizations were established quickly. In 1828, only two years after the college was chartered, the Handel Society was organized by Rufus Nutting, a member of the faculty, and ten WRC students. The Handel Society met weekly to practice singing and read essays about music and musicians. The college choir started in the 1830s and the glee club developed from this. The image below is of the Western Reserve College Glee Club approximately 1851.

Case School of Applied Science established its glee club in 1897. In 1922 the student yearbook opined, “The Musical Clubs always have been a star feature at Case, strange as that may seem. In fact we might well be called the Musical engineers. The queerest part of the matter is we admit we’re good - and then prove it.” Decades later, the glee club was still going strong, releasing its first album, Case Men Sing, in 1960. Featuring Case songs such as "Carmen Case," "Alma Mater," and the "Fight Song," the first edition sold out within a week.

Rock and jazz groups are more familiar to current generations. But in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, students at Adelbert College, Flora Stone Mather College, and Case School of Applied Science were active in mandolin clubs. The image below is the College for Women Guitar and Mandolin Club in 1899-1900.

The colleges' orchestras, marching bands, and other ensembles have performed at concerts, university ceremonies, and athletic events both on and off campus. Those musical experiences obviously made lasting impressions. This mp3 is one song from a program performed by the Case Class of 1904 Vocal Quartet at their 50th reunion banquet. Case-specific lyrics to popular tunes were a big part of their repertoire. Download file

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