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January 05, 2011

Youth and The Searcher

Did you ever wonder about some of the figures that appear on campus buildings? Do these figures mean anything? Two such figures appear on the Smith Building and Tomlinson Hall.

When entering the Albert W. Smith Chemical Engineering Building, above the original 1939 entrance is a figure of youth. There is a brazier at his feet evolving into a flame supporting an evaporating dish. In his left hand is a test tube and in his right, a stirring rod. This building was originally built for the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering department at Case School of Applied Science.

Another even more asked about figure is the one above the main entrance to Tomlinson Hall. Some have called this figure a Viking, and campus myth has that it was there to counter the gargoyle on the tower of Amasa Stone Chapel. This figure is actually called “The Searcher.” The architect, Frank Rhinehart of Walker & Weeks Architects, stated, “In modelling this figure, we have endeavored to tell a story of ‘The Searcher’ ever searching for new things in the world and in science that make for a better world in which all society may live and prosper.”

University Historian Richard Baznik included both figures in his Campus Markings contests. The youth figure appeared in the first contest and The Searcher appeared in the second contest.

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