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May 13, 2011

Commencement Collection in Digital Case


The University Archives is pleased to announce the new Commencement Collection in Digital Case. Initially the collection contains images, invitations, convocation programs, and concert programs. Additional items will be continuously added to the collection. These additional items include baccalaureate service programs, schedules of events, speeches, audio recordings, more images and more convocation programs.

In this collection you can find faculty and student award and prize winners, honorary degree recipients, Phi Beta Kappa members, commissioned military officers, the titles of theses and dissertations, and other information.

The collection summary page shows the number of items in the collection.

1. to see a list describing each item, click “View This Collection.”

Images have an icon of a camera over the title. Click on the title. You will then see the full descriptive record. Click on the title by the camera again and you will see the image. On the right side of the page there are links to download 1 of 4 sizes of the image.

Scanned documents have an icon of a page over the title. These documents are PDF files. Click on the title. You will see the summary descriptive information. Click on the title by the page icon. You will now see the detailed descriptive information. On the right side of the page you will see a link that reads “Download this file” with the size of the file in parentheses. Click on this link to see and download the document. The PDF files are text searchable and there are bookmarks to help you navigate the document easily. Some larger files are not readily viewable in browsers and should be downloaded.

2. To browse the images, click “View 3D Image Wall.” You can quickly see which image or document is of interest to you. Hovering over the image will give you the title. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.

3. There are Search and Advanced Search functions. Learn more.

We hope you enjoy this new collection. Be sure to check back periodically as more material is added.

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