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May 26, 2011

Namesakes - Guilford House and Linda T. Guilford

00083D1.jpg 03207D1.jpg
Guilford House, 1892 and Linda T. Guilford

Guilford House was originally known as Guilford Cottage. It was dedicated October 24, 1892, the same day as Clark Hall. These were the first 2 buildings constructed for the fledgling College for Women.

Flora Stone Mather donated $25,000 for this dormitory. She requested it be named in honor of her former teacher, Linda T. Guilford, a well-respected educator.

Miss Guilford (1823-1911) was educated at Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary, graduating in 1847. She came to Cleveland the following year. She was principal and vice principal of several private schools, including the Cleveland Academy, 1866-1890. After her retirement from active teaching, she was involved in temperance groups, a settlement house, and Mt. Holyoke alumnae activities. She was the author of a book, Margaret's Plighted Troth (a temperance story), and many short stories. She was also a member of the Advisory Council for the College for Women.

Guilford House closed as a dormitory in the 1970s. For a number of years it was unused. In 1979 a plan was developed to establish a fund for the restoration of the Mather Quad buildings. The Mather Quad Restoration Campaign was conducted from 1980 to 1985, with a goal of raising $1.6 million to renovate the 7 Mather Quad buildings (Guilford House, Clark Hall, Harkness Chapel, Haydn Hall, Mather Gym, Mather House, Mather Memorial). The alumnae of Flora Stone Mather College were the major supporters of the campaign along with other gifts from foundations.

An architectural study was conducted in 1981 to determine a detailed plan for the use of Guilford. In January 1984 the Board of Trustees Executive Committee approved the restoration of Guilford House. Alumnae Day, May 4, 1985, saw the re-dedication of the beautifully restored building. The English, Modern Language, Philosophy, Religion, and Political Science departments were the new occupants.

Additional images of Guilford House are available in Digital Case.

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May 18, 2011

Students Salute Keith Glennan Day

Case Band leading the procession on Students Salute Keith Glennan Day

On May 14, 1965 retiring Case Institute of Technology President T. Keith Glennan was honored by a surprise tribute organized by students. The student planning committee explained, “By now you know that Dr. T. Keith Glennan is retiring this June after eighteen years of service as president of Case Tech. Under Dr. Glennan’s leadership Case has emerged as one of the outstanding technological institutions in the nation. As a token of our gratitude and to offer our farewell tribute to Dr. Glennan, a student planning committee has organized “Students Salute Keith Glennan Day.” [1]

The certificate presented by the students read, “Be it known that the students of Case Institute of Technology have conferred upon Thomas Keith Glennan able administrator, leader in the development of higher education in the fields of engineering and science, and distinguished public servant, the Honorary Title of Respected Educator...” [2]

The event began with a parade to Clarke Field. During the ceremony tributes from students and visiting dignitaries were offered. President Glennan received a set of white-walled tires and a “specially designed tea table whose stainless steel top displays an engraved map and aerial photograph of Case.” [3] A song, composed in Glennan’s honor by Raymond Wilding-White, Assistant Professor of Music, was performed by the Glee Club. Mrs. Glennan was presented with a bouquet of yellow roses. So that the entire student body of nearly 2400 could attend, classes during the 11:15 period were canceled.

President Glennan thanking the students (white-wall tire gift in the foreground)

Additional information about President Glennan is available in the Archives web exhibit about CWRU’s presidents.

[1] 7PI “Honoring Our Departing President...” flyer, 5/14/1965
[2] 7PI press release, 5/14/1965
[3] 20PN1 “Students Laud Dr. Glennan,” Case Tech, 5/21/1965

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May 13, 2011

Commencement Collection in Digital Case


The University Archives is pleased to announce the new Commencement Collection in Digital Case. Initially the collection contains images, invitations, convocation programs, and concert programs. Additional items will be continuously added to the collection. These additional items include baccalaureate service programs, schedules of events, speeches, audio recordings, more images and more convocation programs.

In this collection you can find faculty and student award and prize winners, honorary degree recipients, Phi Beta Kappa members, commissioned military officers, the titles of theses and dissertations, and other information.

The collection summary page shows the number of items in the collection.

1. to see a list describing each item, click “View This Collection.”

Images have an icon of a camera over the title. Click on the title. You will then see the full descriptive record. Click on the title by the camera again and you will see the image. On the right side of the page there are links to download 1 of 4 sizes of the image.

Scanned documents have an icon of a page over the title. These documents are PDF files. Click on the title. You will see the summary descriptive information. Click on the title by the page icon. You will now see the detailed descriptive information. On the right side of the page you will see a link that reads “Download this file” with the size of the file in parentheses. Click on this link to see and download the document. The PDF files are text searchable and there are bookmarks to help you navigate the document easily. Some larger files are not readily viewable in browsers and should be downloaded.

2. To browse the images, click “View 3D Image Wall.” You can quickly see which image or document is of interest to you. Hovering over the image will give you the title. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.

3. There are Search and Advanced Search functions. Learn more.

We hope you enjoy this new collection. Be sure to check back periodically as more material is added.

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May 04, 2011

Commencement Timeline

CWRU Commencement, 2000

How many commencements has Case Western Reserve University had? It seemed like a pretty straightforward counting effort when the question was received at the Archives. We’re accustomed to CWRU’s complexity, but the variations in commencement ceremonies surprised even us. Do you count commencement exercises at which no degrees were conferred? When commencement exercises are divided over three consecutive days, do you count one commencement or three? What about the year that degrees were conferred as part of a building dedication, but no commencement ceremony was held? When commencement exercises were held after each semester, do you count all three?

Here’s the short answer to “How many?” Adding the formal commencement exercises at which degrees were conferred by Western Reserve College, Western Reserve University, Case School of Applied Science/Case Institute of Technology , and CWRU, from 1830 through 2010, but excluding separate diploma ceremonies also held by individual schools, there have been between 366 and 450 commencements.

Here are some of the variations:

In 1828 and 1829, even though no degrees were conferred, Western Reserve College held a public commencement ceremony celebrating the year’s successes.

On August 25, 1830, four years after its founding, Western Reserve College held commencement exercises for its first graduating class of four students.

From 1844 through 1894 the School of Medicine held separate commencement ceremonies in March. The rest of Western Reserve University’s schools celebrated commencement in the summer.

In 1862 Western Reserve College postponed its scheduled July 10 commencement ceremony till October 15, due to the absence of most students fighting in the Civil War.

In 1882 Western Reserve College held no formal commencement exercises, instead conferring degrees after the October 26 dedication of the new Adelbert College buildings in Cleveland.

On June 15, 1885, Case School of Applied Science held its first commencement for 5 graduates at the Case Hall Auditorium in downtown Cleveland. Until 1942, Case held its Commencement exercises once each year.

From 1891 through 1931 Western Reserve University’s spring commencement exercises were spread over two to five days.

The ten years from 1932 through 1941 were the only times after 1844 that all of Western Reserve University’s schools shared a single June commencement day.

From 1942 through 1967 Western Reserve University held commencement exercises three times each year - after each semester. CWRU held its last summer semester and fall semester commencement ceremonies in 1970.

On September 8, 1967 the first commencement convocation of the newly federated Case Western Reserve University was held.

On May 22, 1985 CWRU held its first outdoor, University-wide commencement ceremony. Beginning in 1985, with a few exceptions, CWRU held a single University-wide commencement convocation followed by separate diploma ceremonies for each school.

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