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December 22, 2011

Federation: A Process Not An Event

Forty-five years ago, on December 23,1966, the Joint Case-WRU Trustee Committee recommended establishment of a federated university to be called Case Western Reserve University "to bring into being a nationally-recognized community of academic excellence." Federation became effective July 1, 1967. The official legal action establishing the new corporation was not the culmination of bringing together two very different academic institutions, but one of many steps lasting at least seven years.

Formal exploration began in summer 1965 when the Case and WRU Trustees authorized establishment of the Office of Inter-Institutional Cooperation to coordinate joint planning and action.

The year before Federation, the departments of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics of the separate schools were combined.

CWRU’s first alma mater was adopted in March 1968.

The combined University Undergraduate Student Government was established by a vote of the students in May 1969.

The new University-wide Faculty Senate held its first meeting in March 1970.

By 1972 all the varsity sports teams had merged and the first all-CWRU student yearbook was published.

Other milestones in planning and implementing Federation, as well as some of the key documents, are available at Federation: A Process Not an Event

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December 16, 2011

Namesakes - Eldred Hall and Henry B. Eldred

00071D1 copy.jpg
Eldred Hall

Eldred Hall was originally built as a YMCA building. It was used as a recreation building for the men of Adelbert College of Western Reserve University. It had an assembly room, meeting rooms, and a reading room with popular literature. Over time a snack bar was added and space was leased to a barber.

The bulk of the funds for the building came from Henry B. Eldred, a local minister and friend of the university. Fundraising for Eldred Hall was conducted at the same time funds were being sought for the Biology Building (now DeGrace Hall ). Donors to Eldred included President Charles F. Thwing, WRU president and Monroe M. Curtis, faculty member.

Various dramatic clubs and later the Drama Department were installed in Eldred. In 1938 a major addition, featuring a new theater, was made to the building. Instead of a traditional dedication, the opening of the new building addition was held 1/17/1939 with the production of The Spook Sonata by August Strindberg.

00658D1 copy.jpg
The Spook Sonata at Eldred Hall

The building had minor renovations over time including the lobby renovation in 1984 and the more recent renovation and addition of an elevator.

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December 02, 2011

Varsity Sports History


In Recollections and on our web site, the Archives has attempted to make Case Western Reserve University’s varsity sports history a little more accessible. We’ve posted descriptions of the origins of the Case-Reserve Thanksgiving Day football game and the memorable 1948 game when Case broke Reserve's 21-year winning streak.

Our web site has career records and pictures of varsity head coaches from 1880-2000. We’ve also compiled the season records of every varsity sport from 1880-2000. There’s a summary of our athletic conference memberships from 1902-2002 and the team names, mascots, and colors from 1918-2004.

That’s a lot of data. But it only touches the surface of the information about our athletic history documented in the Archives. For those who’d like to do their own research, here’s a summary of some of the sources in our collection.

Game programs and media guides that describe the players, coaches, and games

Rosters, schedules, and game statistics

Administrative records of the Athletic Directors and Sports Information Directors

Records of the Case Athletic Association

Student newspapers and yearbooks that cover the games and seasons

Photographs of teams, individual players and coaches, and games

Our web site has tips for doing research in the Archives and contact information.

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