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December 14, 2012

Hudson to Cleveland: Moving In

We finish our description of Western Reserve College’s move from Hudson to Cleveland 130 years ago. Faculty member, Edward W. Morley, chronicled the event in letters to his parents. Extracts from those letters describe moving into the new buildings in spring 1883.

March 18, 1883
“Our carpenters promised to get out yesterday. I was not at the building yesterday, and do not know the result. But the end cannot be far off. I went to Hudson last Monday, in the morning, to pack up the chemical apparatus. I took with me the boy who prepares my lectures at the Medical College. He is the son of a druggist, and familiar with the handling of glass ware. He staid through the week, and is there still. I came up Monday evening, and went down and back each afternoon and evening till Saturday. Saturday, I went in the morning; and shall go in the morning tomorrow. Tomorrow will finish the whole matter. The boxes will come up by freight on the rail road; we loaded a good deal into the car yesterday, and shall finish that car, and perhaps put some things into a second car tomorrow; but shall not require the whole of a second car. At my rooms at the college I have nothing done. I have a lecture table making downtown; and an apparatus for supplying distilled water from the steam used for heating the building. Mr. Stone is sick, and hence we have not yet had the money paid over to us, and so do not know what our income is to be, nor when it is to commence. As salaries must first be paid, I have concluded to wait till we know what to expect. So the unpacking of my apparatus will take place under difficulties. There will be no place to put it but on the floor and on boards supported on packing boxes.”

April 22, 1883
“I am getting my laboratories into condition for work. Half of the senior class are at work in practical chemistry in the room intended for such purposes. In the lecture room, the lecture table is nearly finished for work; though the front on it is merely temporary; this front is made of matched flooring. Sometime one will be made of mahogany or cherry. The back of the table is of cherry; the top is also of flooring. There are sixteen drawers, and three closets, with six doors. There is a pneumatic sink, and gas and water and connections with air pumps, gas holders, and other connections very convenient. I have not yet used it for lecturing; it will be done and used during the week.”

Edward Morley's laboratory in the Adelbert Main Building

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