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April 26, 2013

Thirty Years Ago...Hudson Relay 1983

As we continue our celebration of the Hudson Relay we look at 1983, a year of controversy as reported by the yearbook Vis-a-Vis:

“This year’s Hudson Relay festivities were interrupted by controversy. The class of 1986 was without a CIT class president and ran only one class president. The race rules state that for each class racing the WRC and CIT class presidents must run the last two legs of the race. The freshman class had understood that they would not be disqualified for this point, but none of the other classes were notified. The judges’ final decision was that regardless of who would have run the final leg, the class of 1986 would have won. The freshman class was declared 1983 Hudson Relay winner. The Other teams finished as follows: 1983 second, alumni third, 1984 fourth, and 1985 last.

“After the class of 1982 received champagne last year for winning the relay four years in a row, this year’s competing classes were quick to elaborate on that theme. The class of 1983 promised generic beer and the class of 1985 offered a cake as inspiration.”

02837D1 copy.jpg
Class of 1982 Champagne at the Rock tee shirts
03696D1 copy.jpg
Class of 1983 Generic Beer on the Quad tee shirts

The class of 1986 went on to win 3 of its 4 years competing in the Hudson Relay.

03695D1 copy.jpg
Class of 1985 cake

Note regarding the colleges: WRC was Western Reserve College, the undergraduate college consisting of the humanities and arts, and the social and behavior sciences. CIT was Case Institute of Technology, the undergraduate college consisting of engineering, mathematics and natural sciences. For a chart and brief summary of CWRU's schools and colleges see The Schools of CWRU.

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