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April 22, 2015

Bringing back the Hudson Relay - 1972

Since the formation of Case Western Reserve University in 1967, there was only 1 year when the Hudson Relay was not run (1971). In 1972 Western Reserve College Assistant Dean Ian Haberman started a movement to resurrect the traditional race. According to the Observer (3/7/1972), Haberman “brought the issue up at last Tuesday’s joint meeting of the four Adelbert Classes and the Mather Government. He reported that a ‘round of applause and general commotion’ ensued at the mention of the rebirth of the relays.

“‘I think there is a need for something like this around here,’ Haberman commented. ‘If we had a little spirit, a little pride, then perhaps we could get other things going here,’ the assistant dean continued.”

Ian S. Haberman

Several special events were held for the race. Breakfast was served at Elizabeth Walker’s house in Hudson. (She was Dean for Freshmen.) President Toepfer hosted the winning team to a steak dinner at the Faculty Dining Club after the race, thus beginning a long-standing tradition. Different colored t-shirts were issued for each team: red for freshmen, green for sophomores, light blue for juniors, yellow for seniors, and navy blue for the Mather team.

The Hudson Relay was run Saturday, April 29, from the original Western Reserve campus in Hudson to the present campus in Cleveland, finishing at the rock in front of Adelbert Main. President Toepfer had a trophy, the Monroe Curtis Cup, made for the winning team. The cup was inscribed, “This is not the ordinary run of experience.” The trophy was named for Monroe Curtis, the Adelbert College student who first proposed the Hudson Relay in 1910 .

Hudson Relay rock

A change to the race was allowing women in the Relay. Mather College, the undergraduate women’s college, became the first school other than Adelbert College to assemble a team and officially race in the Hudson Relay. Forty-five Mather students participated, running half-mile legs.

WRUW, the student radio station, offered live coverage of the race using a radio car.

The sophomore class (Class of 1974) was victorious. Members of the winning team included: Richard Bloom, Ken Leeper, Elliot Roth, Cliff Waldman, Jim Psarras, Gary Schwartz, Bob Fields, Dave Sichel, Mark Auerbach, Abe Fineberg, Bill Garber, Mike Davids, George Hamilton , Dan Vanderheide, Paul Miller, David Gordon, Neil Haymes, Edward Katzman, Dave Shenk, Glenn Miller, Robert Sachs, Ken Silliman, John Conant, Tim Gray, Kent Azaren, Ken Nagleberg, Ron Granrath.

Winning sophomore team celebrating its victory

Thanks to Mike Shay, Adelbert 1970, for pointing out an error in the original posting. I had listed 1970 as a year when the Hudson Relay was not run. Can alumni who participated in the Relay in 1970 contact the University Archives (archives@case.edu or 216-368-3320) with what information they have documenting the 1970 Hudson Relay? Thank you for your interest and response.

Read past accounts of the Hudson Relay.

Posted by hxy2 at April 22, 2015 03:47 PM

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Perhaps it wasn't documented because of the early closure after the killings at Kent State, but I ran in the Hudson Relays as a senior in 1970.

Posted by: Mike Shay at April 23, 2015 04:20 PM

Mike,thank you for pointing out this error. I apologize to the Adelbert alumni who ran in the 1970 Hudson Relay. The University Archives does not have documentation of this race and would appreciate any information about the race.

Posted by: Helen Conger at April 24, 2015 12:13 PM

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