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July 04, 2017

On This Day in CWRU History: July

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1887 Medical School building (left); Ribbon cutting to launch Cleveland Free-Net (right)

From time to time the CWRU Archives is asked for a list of significant dates in the university's history. We've used various platforms, including a Twitter experiment, described here, to highlight some of the people and events that have made our institutional history so rich. To make this information a little more accessible, we're going to compile the dates we've identified in monthly blog postings. We make no claims that these lists are comprehensive. In fact, we invite members of our community to let us know of other dates that warrant inclusion. Below are July's dates.

July 1
1947: The Case School of Applied Science was renamed Case Institute of Technology.

1967: Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University federated, creating Case Western Reserve University.

1986: The Matthew A. Baxter School of Information and Library Science closed.

1987: The Colleges, which combined the CWRU undergraduate schools of Western Reserve College and Case Institute of Technology, was established.

1992: The College of Arts and Sciences was established. It was formed from the humanities and arts departments; social and behavioral sciences departments; and mathematics and natural science departments of The Colleges. The Case School of Engineering was established. It was formed from the engineering departments of The Colleges.

July 3
1886: Cady Staley was elected the first President of Case School of Applied Science at a salary of $3,500 per year.

July 5
1967: The General Faculty of Case Western Reserve University was established by the Trustees. It comprised all enfranchised members of the Case Institute of Technology faculty and the eight Western Reserve University faculties.
1967: CWRU's first colors, seal, and coat of arms were approved by the Trustees.
1967: At the first meeting of the CWRU Board of Trustees, the University Archives was established and Ruth Helmuth was named University Archivist.

July 8
1887: Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley began a series of precise measurements to demonstrate the existence of the ether, thought to be the medium which transmitted light throughout space.

1994: 1977 Case Engineering graduate Donald Thomas began his mission aboard the space shuttle Columbia. While in orbit, Thomas flew a CWRU banner.

July 9
1856: Levi Bodley Wilson, an 1848 graduate of Western Reserve College, became the first alumnus elected as a WRC trustee.

1857: Henry Ward Ingersoll received the first Bachelor of Science degree awarded by Western Reserve College.

July 10
1862: Western Reserve College's Commencement was postponed until October 15 due to the absence of most students fighting in the Civil War.

July 11
1885: Cornerstone was laid for WRU’s second (and last downtown) Medical School building.

July 12
1845: Former slave and noted abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, addressed the Western Reserve College literary societies during Commencement Week. His topic was "The Claims of the Negro Ethnologically."

1855: Henry L. Hitchcock was inaugurated as Western Reserve College's third president.

July 16
1986: CWRU launched Cleveland Free-Net, the nation's first free, open-access community computer system.
1992: Campus News reported installation of a 16-foot, 1-ton clock on the tower of the new Biomedical Research Building.

July 27
1938: Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for an addition to Eldred Hall.

July 31
1925: Cleveland College, Western Reserve University’s adult education college, was incorporated.

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CWRU's 1967 coat of arms (left); Ruth W. Helmuth, CWRU's first University Archivist (right)

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