August 25, 2005

RA Dance Party

On Thursday night, we got to go to the awesome dinner where the freshmen get to sample the food from all of the places that accept CaseCash. The food was sooo good.

And the Quiznos lady was there!

Along with RAs Jasmine, Maya, Krystin, and Twinkle, I got to meet some freshmen that we sat with. What a great photo of Brad! This guy should be in snack food ads.

Later that night there was a dance for the freshmen. Jasmine, Krystin, Twinkle (pictured here), and I felt obliged to crash the party.

Twinkle really likes to dance. Look for an "RA Clubbing Night" post later this semester!

What a great party! There was even a guy with really bright green pants.

I left the group to see if I could get some photos. This guy had the same idea...

...but it wasn't long before the Dancing Police caught up with me and led me back to the dance floor. It's ok; Jim just wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time.

Fortunately I met up with the girls again, and we agreed that we could throw our own dance party and it would be better. But we couldn't get anyone else to come and we decided we needed more than 4 people for a dance party. So we ended up watching "Golden Girls" and "The Nanny" (including the season finale where Maxwell tells Fran he loves her!) and had a great time.

This guy was playing the piano in the adjacent lobby so I went over and introduced myself. I love how being an RA gives me a good excuse (or at least a conversation opener) to meet people. As it turns out, he's a resident on my fourth floor this year!

And now when I get a message like this on my door, I don't know whether it's from Scott Joplin-playing, Pennsylvania-loving, Calc III-taking current resident John...

...or cookie-baking, Radiohead-listening, linear algebra-tutoring former resident John!

August 24, 2005

Movie Night with Adelbert Complex Staff

A few of us got together in the Clarke Tower lobby on Tuesday to watch one of my favorite movies, All That Jazz.

Krystin and Nina also worked on a 1000 piece puzzle.

Zach showed up to eat dinner and to cheer on the womanizing main character of the movie.

About three-quarters of the way in, we were told of a possible policy violation upstairs. Vincent and two other RAs investigated but couldn't find anything unusual. This somehow turned into a 15 minute conversation.

Twinkle was incredulous.

Maya was indignant. Adelbert Complex Residents, does it strike fear into your hearts to know that we're monitoring and analyzing you like this? (cue Rockwell - "Somebody's Watching Me")

As the night came to a close, it was time to say goodbye to Nina, who was leaving for a trip to Minnesota and family reunion the next day. I hope you're having a great time, Nina!

August 19, 2005

RA Fun!

Resident Assistant training week may have been one of the best weeks of my life. Activities usually run from 8:30 a.m. to 9 or 10 p.m., so there's no time to worry about anything else. (As an insomniac, I actually get my best sleep during RA training week.) Most activities are done within the area staff (the RAs of 2 or 3 nearby buildings), so as long as there are a few people (or even all of them) that you'd like to get to know better, it's a good time to bond with new friends. Finally, the Office of Housing and Residence Life and Greek Life's devotion to team-building means that much of what we do during that week is fun and games. When else will I be paid to play "Kiddie Wants a Corner" or "Streets and Alleys"? RA training week, you will be missed.

Some people use disposable plastic cups to drink alcoholic beverages...
RAs use them to build cup pyramids.

The object of this game, err team-building activity, was to fit all of us together so that only our feet would be touching a white towel which the coordinators folded into smaller and smaller sizes.

We thought that maybe if these two male RAs stood in the middle hugging each other, the rest of us could pile on top.

Other than the games, one of the funnest parts of RA training week is making the nametags for the doors of the rooms and suites in our buildings. Krystin was handy with the Ellison press.

Liz did a great job drawing the crayon boxes we used on our suite doors...

...while Zach stood by and supervised.

Later we met outside of Sherman to go to Quiznos.

And this security officer threatened us for loitering and creating a public nuisance.

Behind Closed Doors: The returning RAs act out policy violations and counseling situations so that the newbies can practice protocol. Stephen Britcher, Cassie Kornbau, and I were in a room where one of the scenarios was food poisoning. Out of concern that the new RAs should be fully prepared to deal with this situation in real life, Stephen concocted a mixture of cream of mushroom soup and toothpaste. At first, Cassie and I were like, "There's no way I'm putting that stuff in my mouth!" But since it was my birthday that day, I was in a daring mood and later tried it. The irony of my puking on my 21st birthday was not lost on Second Year Coordinator Scott Venters.

Yes, I spent my 21st birthday in RA training. But even that was great, because I'd never before had 80 people sing "Happy Birthday" to me at once. Thanks, guys!

While doing inventories, Zach discovered that he's too tall for the showers in the new apartments.
A note on perspective: This is what it looks like when I take a photo of someone over six feet tall.

We were here first!

July 31, 2005

Conneaut Lake

A couple of weeks ago I went home for my annual "last trip home before the school year begins" visit.

I had to pick up a prescription on the last day I was there. After parking, I decided to walk around town and take some photos first. If this were a better photo you would see the small bank in the background and the big Sheetz gas station. In my small rural hometown I see a contrast between the smaller, older buildings and the newer buildings of recently-arrived corporations.

Our library is housed in what appears to be...a house. As my dad asked, "Which one's the library?"

But for such a small town, Conneaut Lake sure packs in the big names. Here are National City Bank and Pizza Hut.

The requisite photo of the lake.

Garage + Banner + '57 Chevy parked in front = Tanning Salon

Back to where I started. Eckerd's was located in a smaller building when I left for college, and then when I came back for fall break during sophomore year I found that it had taken over the town.

After I finally picked up my prescription, I visited my father 6 miles south of Conneaut Lake. This is the view looking out toward the road, from which my dad's house sits one half mile. If you look closely you can see the Amish buggy passing by.

Still only half-way to my dad's house, and with a set of railroad tracks to cross. An industrial construct flanked in sylvan glory.

Next month, my mom is moving to a new house in Meadville, which is 10 miles from Conneaut Lake. A new place to get acclimated and to someday call "home," in addition to the several I already have.