December 10, 2006


Motivating employees can be difficult. Motivation can be achieved by having pizza on Fridays or a company softball team. Other options are a company Christmas party or a Halloween party. Managers could even take their employees out to lunch or dinner. These are both very acceptable ways to motivate employees.

December 07, 2006


My simulation experience was very fulfilling. Working with others to make the company successful was hard but well worth the effort. We certainly did not get the company to where we wanted it to be, but we did our best.

My part of the team was making budgets. This was something I enjoyed because it was a clear objective and could be done in a short amount of time. I enjoyed my role in the team.

December 04, 2006

Company Christmas Party

Christmas is here again, and with it come a slew of company holiday parties. Although these parties are used to improve morale there is evidence to suggest that managers and companies need to protect themselves from damage that may result from said party. This damage is usually caused by drinking too much.

Managers must take the role of chaperone rather than guest at the party. They must take the initiative to tell employees when they've had enough to drink. This action can prevent drunk driving, sexual harassment, and other detremental things from happening.

This is just another example of a society of people that enjoys blaming others for their own actions and expects a cash settlement in the process. Taking responsibility is a lost art and insurance companies and attorneys are bringing in the cash because of it.

Earlier in class, we discussed motivation. A yearly Christmas party is a good reward for employees. Thus, to help motivate employees it is a good idea for employers to hold such a party.

November 27, 2006

Desk Rage

There's a problem sweeping corporate America. No, it's not the flu or decreasing profits. It's known as desk rage. It usually hits lower level employees who feel helpless and emotionally abused in the workplace. They feel their work is not valued and they are out of touch with the reason behind their work. These feelings can lead to job resentment. Employees who resent the workplace can abuse sick days, steal from the company, backstab other employees, and even become physically abusive.

To prevent these feelings lines of communication in the workplace need to stay open, conflicts need to be resolved sanely, and there needs to be a general appreciation of everyone's work. As a manager, creating a team with a shared goal can curb employee desk rage.

Healthcare or Big Brother

Microsoft has a special healthcare option to deal with overweight employees. Their employees have the option to have the company pay for a year's worth of fitness club memberships and nutritionist meetings. This has led employees to lose a lot of weight and become healthier.

With all these expenses coming from all these employees, what is the upside for the company? Healthcare costs are down, absenteeism is down, and production is up. Employees are feeling healthier, leading them to work more and do their jobs better. This is part of the benefit package that employees can choose to participate in. Having a benefit plan is something positive within a company. It makes workers happier.

Although some may see this as getting too involved in employee's personal lives, I think this idea is both profitable and helps create healthier people. Where is the downside?

November 15, 2006

Big Business

A man approached my little sister in a mall. He told her she should be a model. He works for Elite Modeling.

The modeling industry is big business. Companies use models to give an image to a product. Their beautiful face is associated with the product. Women want to be this woman, or at least have the product, so they spend the money. The psychology behind advertising is amazing.

Jay Leno

I watched Jay Leno last night. He announced that Walmart is coming out with a new wine. It will cost between two and five dollars. This is truly the Walmart business strategy. Extremely low prices regardless of quality.

This is a business strategy that is doing very well in modern America. People have the desire to spend less money. Walmart obliges.

When this product is released managers at Walmart must find a way to motivate employees to make this product a success. This can be done by rewarding shift workers who sell the most product. This will help workers focus on getting product off the shelves.