December 11, 2005

Being successful

As I was writing the learning plan paper, I noticed that I repeat the word “success”. I questioned myself what is “success”. Because I notice the nuance of word I used in the paper was to be rich or financially secure. I found that it is sad to see myself thinking success is money. As I was growing up, I never wanted to be a money monster like other adults. Now I am turning into one. After my realization, I decided to myself be aware of the fact that money is not success. Therefore, the leaning plan reminded me another important thing.


I am trying to find a summer internship in Tokyo. I realized internships are not common in Japan. There are a lot of temporary part-time jobs offered in Japan; however, it is hard to define what an internship is and what is not. I thought it was interesting to see different countries have different business systems. In addition, I was thinking why Japan does not have internship opportunities especially in a big city like Tokyo. I think it is because there are so many part-time jobs available, so students will rather have a job which pays than have an internship. If I start a business, I will definitely offer internships in my company.


The last day of MGMT 250, the professor gave students to talk about the high points and someone they want to recognize. I thought it was interesting to see many of them recognized their team leaders for HR simulation were the ones did well on their projects and had a good relationship in the teams. Thinking back about my team, no one recognized our group leader and we did not have a great relationship either. I just thought the outcome of the team is related to the relationship of the team. I hope I will have a better relationship with my teammates next semester.

learning plan part II

When I first started to write the learning plan part I, I really didn’t think the assignment was useful at all. Moreover, I thought it was a waste of my time because it was long!! Then I start to write for the part II. Surprising I actually enjoyed writing and thinking. Although, some of the criteria were too specific to write about, I think it motivated me to start thinking about my future. I think a part of the reason I thought it was helpful because I personally have been thinking about the future. Therefore, it was a good reflection to write it down to remind myself.

Business major as an undergrad

Recently I had a chance to talk to a graduate student about business major. He worked for a company for a couple of years and the company sent him to study for his master degree. I told him that I am not sure if I want to be business major. He responded to me saying, “It’s hard to be business major if you never had any job experiences.” Something cricked after this conversation. I felt that if I had job experiences, I would have felt more comfortable with the material we discussed in MGMT 250. Now I see the course in different perspective after the conversation with the grad-student. As a result, I enjoy the class more because I know that I have to fully understand everything in the class.

November 06, 2005


In Japan, currently there is an issue about buying companies. Let me explain more. In America, it is normal that a company buy other companies’ stock and gain the control over the companies. This is frequently happening in Japan right now. In America, it might be a strategy for a company to expand its business. However, in Japan this strategy is not welcomed. Why? I think it is because of Japanese custom. I can’t really explain what it is but I can say that the strategies work in one country don’t mean they will work in different countries.

the New York Times

I was reading an article on the New York Times. The article was about the CEO of the World Bank has been recruited by the Citigroup. I started to think who I am. This CEO is on the newspaper and going to be in charge of the branch in the Citigroup. I started to think it is about the connection. He was introduced to the CEO of the Citigroup by the common friend. Once you are in the community, you are in. The problem is how you are going to get into the community. You need to be good at something. “What am I good at?”