From Amitai's blog

October 10, 2005

MT thwarts my attempted cleverness

On a pointer from J$, I edited my "index" template to pull RSS from my real blog and generate links to my most recent posts. But when I write new posts, the links on this index page don't update. I guess the RSS pulling happens once -- at template regeneration time -- and not, as I'd hoped, at page load time (or a server-load-friendly approximation thereof).

All the more reason to read my real blog directly in the feed reader of your choice.


Incidentally, my feed reader of choice is rss2email. RSS news items have authors, titles, dates, and bodies (assuming they're nice full feeds and not the sucky kind that gives you a sentence or two). All of which maps nicely to email, which happens to be a type of information we're all quite experienced at processing in large volumes. Why go hunting for a separate RSS reader I like -- and learn a new set of information-processing habits -- when I can apply my email client of choice to the problem? It's so easy to delete threads I don't care about, which is generally most of them, that I'm able to follow a couple hundred feeds. (Really!)

rss2email also makes a handy gateway from RSS feeds (which savvy users grok) to mailing lists (which everyone's parents already understand). I use it in this capacity, too, for my blog and photos.