December 06, 2005

My Overall Feelings of MGMT250

No matter how much I compain about certain assignments, I still really enjoyed the course. I may not like the participation policy, but I like that the class is discussion based. I also like the fact that there are no tests, just papers. It makes it easier for me to get a grasp of the material and apply it to everyday life. I also really enjoyed how the class got me thinking about my future. Which is something that I was trying to avoid in a way. My favorite part about the class was the HR simulation and the different cases we read. I liked seeing the things we were learning applied in the different activites. I am definately looking forward to MGMT251.

Concerning the Learning Plan

This entry is about the learning plan and the concerns I have about it. I do not think it is fair to give us so much material to cover and then tell us it can only be 15 pages long. I have talked to people who have taken the class in the past, and they told me they turned in much lengthier papers. It just does not seem possible for me to fit all the criteria in 15 pages. Especially when the prof. and TA's want us to personalize it and be creative. I also do not like the fact that we are not sure what will happen if we do go over the limit. We were just told to use our best judgement. Does that mean we will get points off?

Learning Through Simulation

I personally thought the HR simulation was a great learning experience and the best activity we did during the semester. I have never been given the opportunity to participate in any activity like this before, and I enjoyed it very much. Through out the simulation, I learned how to get employees morale higher, how to increase productivity, and how to keep turnover low. I realized that by giving people more money and benefits, their morale will be higher, productivity higher and turnover lower. I also realized the impact of training programs and promotions from within the company. In the begining of the simulation, we dumped money into the training programs and that directly affected morale. Furthermore, it seemed like the more we promoted from within, the higher the morale rose. Overall, I enjoyed the simulation and would recommened it for future classes.

Team Work Through Entire Simulation

The team work through out the entire simulation has been just as good as it had been during the first year. My team has got along very well and we made many positive decisions. Everyone showed up to all or most of our team meetings, and if someone could not make it, they were filled in shortly after. Everyone pulled their own weight in the simulation, and we did not have any grievances. Personally, I was extremely happy with our team work through out the entire simulation. I really feel like I have grown with my team and learned many things.

Second Year for HR Simulation

It is about the time to turn in the second annual report and conclude our HR simulation. It seems like this second year has been much different than the first year. In the first year all my groups data had been pretty stable. However, in the second year our data is all over the place. Our moral managed to jump from 65 to 92 in one quarter. Im sure it is from our decesions in that quarter, but it really seems like our data has been much more unstable in this year. Either way, our group is pretty happy with our turnout, and we all enjoyed the simulation very much.

November 07, 2005

Job Search Ethics - Career Center

On Tuesday the Career Center came to class to give us a speech on job search ethics. I thought this speech was very effective and very infomational. He talked about what is acceptable to put on your resume and how you should only accept a job you plan to actaully take. This really helped me, because I was still a little confused on what I could actually put on my resume. I also did not know that it was unethical to accept two jobs at the same time, then turn one done. These topics led to a really good class discussion, I would say one of our best.

Team Work in HR Simulation

I am very pleased with the amount of team work everyone in my group has put forth. Everyone is striving to come to all the meetings and give their input. In other groups, people may just pick numbers and hope for the best, but are group actually discusses and talks out all of our decisions. It is much more than just picking random numbers. We have also done a very good job at splitting up the work, and completing that work on time. I hope that the rest of the project goes as smooth as the first half.