June 27, 2005

International Computer Science Institute

The International Computer Science Institute is one of the few independent, nonprofit basic research institutes in the country, and is affiliated with the University of California campus in Berkeley, California. ICSI was inaugurated in 1988 as a joint project of the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department and the Computer Science Division of UC Berkeley and GMD - the German Research Center for Information Technology. Since then, Institute collaborations within the University have broadened (for instance with the EE Division as well as other departments, such as Linguistics). The Institute also receives support from a range of international collaborations, US Federal grants, and direct industrial sponsorship. Throughout these changes, the Institute has maintained its commitment to a pre-competitive research program. The goal of the Institute continues to be the creation of synergy between world-leading researchers in computer science and engineering. This goal is best achieved by creating an open, international environment for both academic and industrial researchers.
[About ICSI]

Of special interest would be the information about current projects, including research in algorithms, AI, networking, and speech. In addition, publications of the group are described and may be available for download.


Computer Science Engineering


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