August 17, 2005

Elsevier Experimenting with Open Access

This open access experiment will not grace the Case Community with additional content, since we have active print and online subscriptions to this specific title. It is nice though to see that a larger publisher is experimenting with open access and looking at alternative publishing models.

Chris Leonard, a publishing editor for Elsevier, recently shared that all articles since 1995 of Information & Computation will be free until June of 2006. Their goal is to see how many additional people will use an open access title compared to those that already have paid access.

While I am happy to see this initiative, I question their application of this experiment. So far, a few days into the test, it has only been testing "the word of mouth" of the scientific library community. I have not seen any official announcements from Elsevier. In addition, just because someone currently has paid access, does that mean they do not want open access to publications?

I hope they get some meaningful data over the next year.


Computer Science Engineering Open Access Scientific Publishing & Data


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