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Investing In Nanotechnology

NanoFocus from Chemical & Engineering News (February 24, 2006) highlighted the increase in funding towards nanotechnology in 2006. Investing In Nanotechnology by Ann M. Thayer shared various measures of R&D investing, such as:

  • $18 billion worldwide into nanotechnology between 1997 and 2005, and $6 billion estimated in 2006 alone
  • From 1995-2005, there have been 258 investments in 143 start-ups spread across 13 countries, but only 9% have been acquired or gone public
  • 83% of the small nanotech companies are still operating, 8% are “dead or in danger”

    Space Shuttle Program's Future

    Looking for more information on the Shuttle Program? Try:
    NASA’s Space Shuttle Program: The Columbia Tragedy, the Discovery Mission, and the Future of the Shuttle (in PDF)
    Marcia S. Smith - Resources, Science, and Industry Division
    Updated January 4, 2006

    On August 9, 2005, the space shuttle Discovery successfully completed the first of two “Return to Flight” (RTF) missions — STS-114. It was the first shuttle launch since the February 1, 2003, Columbia tragedy. NASA announced on July 27, 2005, the day after STS-114’s launch, that a second RTF mission would be indefinitely postponed because of a problem that occurred during Discovery’s launch that is similar to what led to the loss of Columbia. The next launch is currently expected some time in 2006. This report discusses the Columbia tragedy, the Discovery mission, and issues for Congress regarding the future of the shuttle.