Entries for April 14, 2006

The Library of Congress: Webcasts

The Library of Congress has made over 300 webcasts available in a variety of topics. The site includes talks, discussions, and conferences, plus webcasts from the National Book Festival. Subject categories include biography & history, culture & performing arts, education, government, poetry & literature, religion, and science & technology.

Examples of science & technology webcasts include:

  • Got Game
  • Chemical Warfare from WWI to Al-Qaeda
  • Dawn of the Space Age
  • Science, Ethics and the Law
  • Cutting Edge Research

(Originally highlighted by The Scout Report, January 27, 2006 - Volume 12, Number 4)

Patent Search Guides

The Patent Librarian (Michael White) has created two guides to assist in patent searching: U.S. Patent Classification - Classes by Title and U.S. Patent Number Guide.

From Michael White:

Both guides are based on the laminated "quick study" guides sold in college bookstores and shops. The classes by title guide is simply an alphabetical list of current US classes. The group symbols that appear after each title are based on the placement of the class or its subclasses in the "Classes Within the U.S. Patent Classification Arranged by Related Subjects," which is part of the manual of Classification. Cross-reference classes are also noted.

The patent number guide is compiled from many sources including the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, USPTO web site, WIPO standards, Official Gazette and National Archives publications.