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July 18, 2010

New Spice: Study like a scholar, scholar

July 14, 2010

Why read?


July 04, 2010

Time to Read on iPad or Kindle vs. Printed Book

Lauren Indvik on Mashable.com shared the results of a study conducted by Jakob Nielsen that showed it was slower to read on an iPad or Kindle versus a traditional print book. But the study also showed that overall satisfaction was very comparable for the 3.

I personally found that I think I read faster on the Kindle DX for several reasons. First, the built-in dictionary is a lifesaver and makes for improved comprehension rather than skimming of the unknown. I am also a data or numbers person so knowing how much I have read or how much I have left to read is personal motivation. Finally, I get side tracked with multitasking so a device that keeps track of my location at all times is a positive.