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Remote Labs Operated by MIT

Inside Higher Ed had an article on March 24, 2006, called Mi Lab Es Su Lab that described MIT's iLabs. Using software developed by MIT's electrical engineering & computer science department and the civil & environmental engineering department, academic researchers from around the world have access to MIT equipment, such as a "shake table" to simulate earthquakes.

(Thank you to John Dupuis on Confessions of a Science Librarian for highlighting this article.)

National Academies: Transportation

Transportation at the National Academies contains many resources for those involved in the transportation industry and/or research. The main resources included in this web site are from the Transportation Research Board (TRB).

Some example resources include:

  • TRB News
  • National Academies Press: Transportation Collection
  • Calendar of Transportation Conferences and Workshops
  • Buckling Up: Technologies to Increase Seat Belt Use -- Special Report 278
  • Transmission Pipelines and Land Use: A Risk-Informed Approach -- Special Report 281

(Originally highlighted by The Scout Report, February 24, 2006, Volume 12, Number 8 (direct link))

Petroleum Journals Online

Petroleum Journals Online (PJO) publishes the first fully refereed, open access, e-journals of petroleum engineering. The publications cover the following main areas of petroleum engineering namely: petrophysics, production geology, drilling, production, reservoir engineering, and petroleum management and economics.

(Originally reported in the Internet Resources Newsletter - Issue 103, October 2005, by Roddy MacLeod)

Bridges of Northeastern Ohio

The Cleveland Memory Project hosts a collection called the Bridges of Northeastern Ohio: Resources at Cleveland Memory. The web site includes archival collections, images, e-books, and articles about Northeast Ohio bridges and their builders.