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Time to Read on iPad or Kindle vs. Printed Book

Lauren Indvik on Mashable.com shared the results of a study conducted by Jakob Nielsen that showed it was slower to read on an iPad or Kindle versus a traditional print book. But the study also showed that overall satisfaction was very comparable for the 3.

I personally found that I think I read faster on the Kindle DX for several reasons. First, the built-in dictionary is a lifesaver and makes for improved comprehension rather than skimming of the unknown. I am also a data or numbers person so knowing how much I have read or how much I have left to read is personal motivation. Finally, I get side tracked with multitasking so a device that keeps track of my location at all times is a positive.

Textbook Rentals

I remember reading about this some time ago, and the company is still succeeding. According to the New York Times on July 4, 2009, Chegg.com is still renting textbooks. It is a multiple million dollar business that shows no end to the growth so far.

Ohio students are lucky to have a similar program called the Ohio Textbook Portal.

I find the success of these programs as proof that Amazon's approach with the Kindle DX and the textbook sales can be successful. Many people suggest students want to keep their textbooks, but I suspect there are only a couple that a student would want to keep beyond their classes.