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More on New Workshop

As I mentioned before, I am teaching a new workshop for the Kent State University School of Library & Information Science.

I have used a couple of the existing web 2.0 tools to share my workshop content. Check out the Squidoo page to see what readings and tools we used. On SlideShare, I posted the introductory slides I used before we moved on to our hands-on assignments.

Meebo Shows Love for Librarians

Meebo recently shared that librarians were an expected user group that has been driving its growth. It appears some of the usage was from librarians that had tight restrictions for computer applications from within their organizations.

On November 15th, I announced the roll out MeeboMe on this blog and my other blog. I have been very pleased with the results. I already used instant messaging to stay in touch with friends, relatives, and close colleagues. Now with MeeboMe, I get direct and immediate interactions with people as they read my blog entries. Some people are not willing to post comments, but anonymous conversations provide a new option.

The Meebo staff is great as well. Within hours of me posting the MeeboMe widgets on both blogs, they contacted me to see if I had any problems. I talked with one of their employees about how I plan on using Meebo and what improvements I might imagine.

MeeboMe and Instant Messaging

I have added a MeeboMe widget to my blog. If I am online and you want to talk about an entry, you can contact me virtually.

I am helping to teach several librarians at my library about the various IM applications and their uses. We are currently "playing" internally in order to explore the value IM may provide in a library setting to reference librarians. For me, it can be very valuable as I travel around campus offering library services from various locations.

I have used Trillian and am currently trying Meebo. I still need to look at Gaim. Does anyone else have instant messaging application they like that allows access to several networks at once?