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Virtual Career Fair in Second Life

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is holding a Virtual Career Fair in Second Life from June 8-12, 2009.

Case's Very Own Second Life

It has been a busy week for technology at Case Western Reserve University. Today, Case announced it would be the first educational institution to deploy the standalone version of Second Life.

It will be interesting to see over time if more adoption occurs by faculty and students knowing the environment is closed to only the Case community. I know demonstrating Second Life in presentations I always hear the negatives (porn, griefers, etc.). A closed environment removes the traditional complaints but could bring other challenges.

Organizational Installation of Second Life

A lot of organizations and companies were shy about Second Life as it did not meet their needs for a closed community or due to the technology may have even been blocked by a firewall.

Second Life has announced they are testing a solution for those limited by firewalls or policy. From the Second Life Blog, they have announced testing of an organizational server solution to Second Life.

ALA to promote Midwinter Meeting programming in Second Life

If you cannot attend the American Library Association Midwinter meeting in Denver, you can participate from January 23-26, 2009, in the virtual environment of Second Life. Make sure to check out ALA's Second Life agenda for more details.

Wikis and Collaboration Models for Active Learning

Case held this session on May 8, 2008. I was asked to participate and helped to organize this session, but was already scheduled to deliver a Plenary at another conference. I was glad to see the session was a success and left the participants with many things to consider.

Collaborative Technology and Engaging the Campus 2008
Track 4: Blogs and Wikis
Session: Wikis and Collaboration Models for Active Learning
Panelists: Ben Schechter, Bill Barrow, Bill Claspy, Brian Gray, Roger Zender

It was a discussion on how to use Wiki software in order to create an interface which provides an opportunity for collaboration among users.

Check out the others session from Collaborative Technology and Engaging the Campus 2008, which include sessions on blogging, virtual worlds like Second Life, mobile devices, VOIP, and many other topics:

Libraries Exploring Their Second Life

I was recently contacted by the State Library of Ohio to write an article on Second Life for their monthly newsletter in January.

In my article, Libraries Exploring Their Second Life, I highlight how libraries and other organizations are utilizing Second Life. I focused on Ohio but included other examples as well.

Cleveland Public Library in SL: Grand Opening

Cleveland Public Library had their Grand Opening in Second Life on November 16th, 2007.

See the full photo set from my Flickr account. Or visit the Cleveland Public Library in SL.

Cleveland Public Library in SL, originally uploaded by bcg8.

Cleveland Public Library has a Second Life

Cleveland Public Library is making its debut in Second Life this Friday. Here is the full announcement from Library Geek Woes:

Cleveland Public Library, of Cleveland, Ohio, is opening a new sim on Friday, November 16th. Cleveland Public Library is the third largest public research library in the United States, and also is the largest repository of chess-related items in the world. The island includes playable, life-size chess sets, and the Main Library building currently features an exhibit of historical chess sets owned by the library in real life. Also be sure to check out the Photo Gallery (believe us, you'll know it when you see it!), where we have an exhibit of sheet music related to Cleveland and Ohio.

The sim will open to the public at 7pm EST with tours as time and guides allow. Grand opening activities will include two live music performances: Picker Apogee at 8pm and Nad Gough at 10pm. A costume contest for the best chess-related costume will take place at 9pm, with a $1000 Linden dollars grand prize to the winner. The life-size chess sets will also be available for casual or competitive play. Please IM Lebachai Vesta with any questions. Please join us to celebrate this major opening in Second Life!

SLURL: Cleveland Public Library

More information was shared at PLSL 2.0 - Public Libraries in Second Life blog in a recent post.

Presentation at ALAO Annual

I survived the ALAO Annual Conference. I was on the planning committee, and specifically arranged the vendor area. Here is my presentation on Second Life that I gave at the Conference.

Second Life - Where to Visit

If you are new to Second Life, Wired (Issue 14.10 - October 2006) has put together a SL travel guide for you. Examples include:

  • The Burning Life festival, which runs the same time as the annual Burning Man festival
  • International Spaceflight Museum
  • CreativeCommons Amphitheater
  • Virtual Hallucinations, where UC Davis medical staff created simulations of audiovisual hallucinations
  • Neo-Realms Fishing Camp

What is Second Life Best At?

I have done many talk on how libraries are using web 2.0 technologies to supplement and/or provide new services and resources. I often mention Second Life as a possibility that many libraries and librarians are exploring. The common question is "what can it offer that we do not already do". In my personal experience, SL is best for collaboration and programming. It offers another mechanism to offer presentations, discussions, and education opportunities. It works best if you can go beyond the real world physical environments we already react in.

I challenge people to create things in SL that we do not or cannot do in real life. At that point, it becomes valuable.

SL is great for 3-D modeling, recreation of historical events, or other themed environments. These types of educational activities would be very expensive to recreate on a life-size scale and to bring together all the experts needed.

Here is a nice example of a unique activity that can be accomplished in virtual environments, not just SL. Have you ever imagined walking through the environment created in artworks, movie, or TV?

If you want to see how this would made, visit the blog entry describing Robbie Dingo's SL machinima.

Anthropologist Studies Second Life

A Chronicle of Higher Education Podcast interviews an anthropologist that spent the last two years studying Second Life. Tom Boellstorff from the University of California at Irvine will have a book released in the future to share his findings.

One finding he had was how important SL was to those with disabilities. Maybe this is the niche libraries should focus on as a priority in SL rather than trying to recreate traditional library programming and resources.

Second Life Bans Most Gambling

There have been many educators and librarians that have disliked Second Life due to the plethora of "real world" type activities that are duplicated, such as gambling and/or porn. Second Life has recently announced that they are now following U.S. laws by banning gambling on sporting events, games of chance, and the traditional casino-style games.

I am sure the SL entrepreneurs will find others ways to survive.

Interface to the Virtual World

Benjamin Chodroff, a Case Western Reserve University student, recently participated in an IBM internship called "Extreme Blue" in India. He proposed an interface to connect real and virtual worlds, such as Second Life.

Going Gothic with other SL Librarians

Librarians within Second Life get together for various social events to talk, share stories, and interact. The Second Life Library 2.0 dance party was on July 6, 2007. The theme was gothic and I won the award for best male costume.

Ohioans in Second Life

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from Robert Wang, a writer for the Canton Repository. He had found a blog entry I had done about Second Life and Case Western Reserve University. He was looking for local perspectives from those that use Second Life for different purposes. Of course, we talked about education and libraries.

Read the published story called Ohioans explore virtual world of Second Life, a new world on computers.

Laura Solomon on Second Life

As I mentioned before I attended TechConnectons 8, the other day. I attended a session by Laura Solomon (Lebachai Vesta in SL) on Second Life. It was perfect timing for me as I was preparing my own presentation on Second Life.

There was a couple stats or ideas she shared that I wish the same thing could be said about our libraries:

  • Doubling Rate is every 7 months
  • Approxmately 10% of the participants spend 80+ hours per week in SL
  • Second Life was named one of the most influential sites for the 2008 election

Could you imagine if libraries could say the same thing?

Presentation on Second Life

I gave my first presentation focused solely on Second Life yesterday. I was talking to the Distance Learning Interest Group of the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO). It was a 2-hour long session that I ran very openly and accepted questions throughout. The discussion was great about how Second Life can be used by librarians and educators. what works or does not work, and where virtual environments may take education in the future.

SJSU SLIS Second Life Campus

The San Jose State University's School of Library & Information Science has created an island (SL Slurl) within Second Life. They have put a great 4-minute video together that is shared in YouTube. It addresses the reasons behind why it was designed and the educational philosophy behind its use. If you still question the educational advantages behind Second Life, this video may answer some concerns.

Virtual World Librarianship - Your Second Life

The Illinois Alliance Library System and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science is offering a continuing education course, called Virtual World Librarianship - Your Second Life. The 6 two-hour synchronous sessions will meet online in Second Life. Asynchronous discussions and weekly assignments will be posted to Forums on Moodle, the course management system used at GSLIS.

Map of Second Life Brands

Check out this map of brands in Second Life. Libraries and other organizations need to explore how we can leverage these relationships within SL.

Over the last few years, I see a belief that has developed where companies, products, and services are not considered legitimate unless a web presence exists. Just think about your personal experiences, when was the last time you actually used a phone book. How long will it take before Second Life also becomes a measuring device or the "phone book" of services and organizations?

Life 2.0 Summit (Second Life)

Life 2.0 Summit is an inworld event focusing on topics of interest to developers, builders, and the wider Second Life Community. Life 2.0 Summit will kick off with an eight-hour LSL weekend bootcamp ("LSL University"), followed by four days of panel discussions bringing together some of the sharpest thinkers in the global SL (and SL-watching RL) community. Registration is required.

Dr. Dobb's Life 2.0 is a new initiative aimed at providing software developers with a resource for events, training, and business development within the Second Life virtual world.

Education Revitalized in Second Life

The UCLA Magazine has highlighted various initiatives of universities to educate or reach students in the online virtual world called Second Life. The article called, Avatar Academics, explores the growth of virtual/gaming environments and highlights current activities.

Second Life and Libraries by Kathryn Greenhill

Check out this presentation by Kathryn Greenhill on Second Life and libraries. She does a great job of highlighting the key points: positives, negatives, what libraries are already doing, etc. She also writes the Librarians Matter blog.

More on New Workshop

As I mentioned before, I am teaching a new workshop for the Kent State University School of Library & Information Science.

I have used a couple of the existing web 2.0 tools to share my workshop content. Check out the Squidoo page to see what readings and tools we used. On SlideShare, I posted the introductory slides I used before we moved on to our hands-on assignments.

New Workshop - Using Web 2.0 Principles to Become Librarian 2.0

I am getting ready to teach a new workshop at Kent State University School of Library & Information Science. The response for the first offering was amazing - 24 at the Main campus and another 9 at Ohio State (distance location of the Kent program). I am really looking for the chance for a large group to "play" with all these tools.

Students will discover how libraries are using Web 2.0 tools, such as blogs, RSS feeds, wikis, social communities, podcasts, and various mash-ups, to give library users increased ownership in their library interactions. Students will investigate the major principles and applications, while developing an understanding of the library-specific issues. Topics of discussion may include privacy, trust or abuse of these technologies, policy considerations, factors to implementation, and optimization in the library environment. In addition, students will look at how users are creating tools to supplement and/or replace their experience with libraries.
Check out the Squidoo page I set up for the workshop. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please share.

The students for their final project will practice by using blogs, wikis, or other tools to create a web 2.0 environment for one of three scenarios - an existing or fictional library, employee training, or a virtual environment for a specific class or employer project. They will have a chance to keep it private on a library school run server or use one of the many free web-based applications. I am giving them the choice. If any of them decide to go public, I will share the results here.

ALA's Washington Office Hosts Its 1st Second Life Event


The ALA Washington Office hosted its first virtual event in Second Life. Over 60 people attended.

David Lankes from Syracuse University presented his paper entitled “Participatory Networks: Libraries as Conversations”. See the post on the InfoIsland blog for more information, including links to a video and a transcript. Also, see the Participatory Networks website for additional information.

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Second Life Cheaper than Marriage Counseling

Here is an interesting take on Second Life that I would have never thought of.

A lot of people who want to explore different possibilities, they can now do it in Second Life instead of, say, leaving their wife — fulfilling some other fantasy. Why not experiment? I think Second Life will save marriages.
This was a quote during an interview conducted within Second Life. See Wired News blog for more information and links to the actual interview.

First Embassy in Second Life

Sweden will become the first country to establish an official embassy presence within Second Life. What does this mean for non-participating libraries as government entities are now recognizing the possibilities within Second Life?

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Virtual ALA Washington Office

On January 9, 2007, the ALA Washington Office proudly announced the opening of its "virtual office" in the online environment Second Life.

One of the most popular sites on the Internet, Second Life is an online world - at www.secondlife.com - which people from all over the globe can interact. There are myriad locations and users navigate through them via their "avatar" - or, digital version of themselves.

The Washington Office is located in Cybrary City next to several other libraries. Cybrary City is one of several islands that librarians are using on Second Life to provide services to the users of this community. Traditional library services - such as collection building, reference, and community gathering - have all been incorporated in to this virtual world. More information on activities can be found at www.infoisland.org.

To visit the virtual Washington Office, simply visit the Second Life URL (SLURL) for the Washington Office.

At present, you can find the following items in the virtual office:

  • An introduction to the Washington Office;
  • Information on upcoming activities at Midwinter and National Library Legislation Day;
  • An interactive computer that will point users to ALA Washington online resources, including the District Dispatch podcast and blog;
  • A slideshow of office and staff.

[VIA: ALA January 10, 2007, Press Release]

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Second Life Librarians

I have been exploring Second Life much more recently.

The other night I stumbled across this meeting of Second Life Librarians. What energy and ideas this group had!

Meeting of Librarians in Second Life

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What Does Copyright and DMCA Mean in Virtual Environments?

A CNET News.com virtual interview with Anshe Chung, the Second Life's biggest land owner, was sabotaged by animated penises and pictures of the avatar's owner Ailin Graef. I guess this is the virtual world's equivalent of red spray paint on furs.

The incident may have long lasting ramifications in respect to copyright. The video of the virtual attack has been posted to YouTube and Google video. Snapshots have been published in newspapers. Graef has claimed copyrights violations under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) for those that have used the images of her avatar.

In the Second Life environment, no one argues against the fact that each person owns the copyright on anything they create. The media sources are claiming "fair use" for sharing the video. The CNET News.com article relates it to the same thing as a news cameraman filming an incident and the TV news showing it on the evening news.

I am in agreement with this theory. The virtual world is no different than the physical world. If you hold a press conference, video and/or pictures of the activity will be and should be shared. It appears Graef (Chung) is abusing DMCA in this situation.

Potentially Overwhelmed in 50 Minutes

Did you catch the SirsiDynix Institute Web Seminar on November 14, 2006, by Stephen Abram?

If you are on extensive note taker, you better listen to Stephen Abram with a group of colleagues, because you will never keep pace. He is not a PowerPoint slide reader and will give you plenty of real world examples. I love his presentation delivery as you will never leave the edge of your seat. I am a true multitasker, especially during meetings or conferences. Abram is one person that keeps you engaged, and he is one of a few people that keeps me from reading one of my hundred RSS feeds or other tasks when he is presenting.

Stephen Abram, Vice President Innovations at SirsiDynix, covered 25 technologies in 50 minutes (see slides). You should also see his related blog posts were he listed weblinks to all the technologies he mentioned and provided a link to a Best of the Best Web 2.0 Sites page.

If you have never had a chance to hear Stephen speak, it is well worth your time. He always is on top of the current status and the potential future of technology and libraries. He usually has at least one "watch for this" or surprise up his sleeve. For example, he mentioned that Dell was holding their first virtual press conference from within Second Life, before their traditional press conference. That is way cool! It follows the lead of Reuters who set up an office in Second Life.

Exploring Non-Electronic Games from within a Virtual Environment

I love the different approaches people have been taking to use Second Life in collaboration and exploration.

National Games Week
, which celebrates and promotes non-electronic games, is from November 19-25, 2006. The Second Life Library is hosting a variety of events.

Celebrate National Games Week with the Second Life Library. All events are open to the public, will be held on Info Island, and recorded for later listening. The Schedule is in SL time/ Pacific Standard Time:

  • Sunday November 19, 1:00PM - Mark Simmons: National Games Week Founder
    Interview via Skype
  • Monday November 20, 5:00PM - Nick deKunter: Making Educational Games
    Vice President of Muzzy Lane and Designer of Making History
    Opal presentation audio - http://www.opal-online.org - click on auditorium link on left to enter online audio room. Minimize that to hear audio and participate in Second Life.
  • Tuesday November 21, 4:00PM - James Stubbs from PLCMC
    board games and libraries
    Opal presentation audio - http://www.opal-online.org - click on auditorium link on left to enter online audio room. Minimize that to hear audio and participate in Second Life.
  • Wednesday November 22, 1:00PM - Virtual Bacon: Second Life Game Design Program Director of the Game & Simulation Department at DeVry University and owner of imagiLEARNING
    Working on PhD in Games and Learning
    jjamison at imagilearning.com
    Opal presentation talking about game addiction and people who play games - go to http://www.opal-online.org - click on auditorium link on left to enter online audio room.Opal presentation - go to http://www.opal-online.org - click on auditorium link on left to enter online audio room.
  • Friday November 24, TBD - Eiseldora Reisman: Relation Between Online Environments and Tabletop Games
    Opal presentation - go to http://www.opal-online.org - click on auditorium link on left to enter online audio room.
  • Friday November 24, 3PM - Paul Schwarzwalder: Game Design Q&A
    Opal presentation - go to http://www.opal-online.org - click on auditorium link on left to enter online audio room.
  • Friday November 24, 5:00 PM - Talon Lardner: Role Playing in Second Life
    Second Life Roleplayer , Avatar in World on Main Grid