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May 30, 2008

Current Issues in Blackboard 7.3

So, while the Blackboard upgrade to 7.3 went well, it didn't quite go perfectly. As a result, there are two outstanding issues in the current version of Blackboard worth mentioning.

The Virtual Classroom and Chat are Non-functional

The Collaboration tools (Virtual Classroom and Chat) will only load a blank window at the moment. We are working with Blackboard Support to remedy this problem as soon as possible, and will post an announcement as soon as we have a solution.

Blackboard 7.3: Announcement Emails are Not Yet Available

Blackboard has introduced an option to send an email to course participants when you post an announcement.

Checking the box should send an email including the title and body of the announcement. However, this feature does not yet work in our Blackboard system. Blackboard Support reports that this issue is definitely resolved in the next version of Blackboard, but we are working with them now to obtain a patch for it in Blackboard 7.3. Again, as soon as this problem is remedied, we will announce it.

Posted by gxm11 at May 30, 2008 07:48 PM

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