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August 19, 2008

Welcome Back! A Refresher on Course Creation for Fall 2008

Before the Fall 2008 semester begins, we would like to offer a quick reminder of the steps needed to create your course sites for the semester. Whether you are creating a new Blackboard site for your course or reusing an existing site, you will need to start with the Blackboard Wizard at http://www.cwru.edu/its/itac/BBWizard/index.htm.

To Create a New Blackboard Course Site:

If you are creating a new course site, select "Add a New Blackboard Site" from the side menu. Following the steps, choose your semester and the course that you wish to create a site for.

You will be asked to make changes to the course site title, beyond the default Subject, Number and description (eg, MATH 121: Calculus for Science and Engineering I) We suggest that you modify the course site title with additional useful information, such as the semester, the specific course section, or instructor's name.

The last thing you will need is a Site ID, the unique identifier for each course site within Blackboard. The Wizard suggests a default, unique Course ID, but you can change it if you would prefer. However, since the ID cannot be changed after a site is created, we do not recommend putting the semester in the Course ID: if the site is reused in a future semester, having a previous semester in the ID could be confusing.

Once you have followed these steps and confirmed them, the Blackboard Wizard will create your new course site. You can then use the Wizard to add TAs, additional instructors, or additional sections of the course site. To do so, select "Add Users to a Site" and choose either to add Individuals (to add TAs or additional instructors) or Course Sections (to add additional course sections to the site).

To Reuse an Existing Blackboard Course Site:

If you want to reuse an existing Blackboard site, you will need to update the site's enrollment. To do so, you must first add your new students.

Select "Add Users to a Site" from the side menu and then choose the course site you wish to reuse. The next screen offers the choice of adding either individuals or course sections to the site. If you wish to add individuals as TAs, Instructors, or other roles, select Individuals. If you want to add cross-listings or other courses to the Blackboard site, select Course Sections. Click Next to continue.

Adding individuals:

For each individual you would like to add to the Blackboard course site, enter their Case ID (e.g. abc123) and the role you would like to assign to them; TA is the default setting, but Instructor, Course Builder, Grader, Student, and Guest are also options. You can add up to 10 individuals at once. Once you have entered the IDs and roles, click the Add Users button to add them.

Adding Course Sections:

In the Choose a Semester menu, you must select the semester in which the course is being taught. Next, select the course section that you would like to add to the Blackboard site and confirm by clicking the Add Course button. If you have multiple courses, sections of courses, or cross-listings you would like to add to your Blackboard course site, you can do so by selecting all of the appropriate sections using the checkboxes and clicking Next. Confirm your selection and all of the students enrolled in the course will be added to your Blackboard site.

Once you have added your new students, you will probably want to remove your students from previous semesters. You can do this most easily by clicking on "Verify Enrollment" from the side menu. Choose the Blackboard site you want to check and then click Next. The Wizard will then list any students who are not enrolled in the university course associated with the site, and offer the option of quickly removing them. Click on the link to "remove them from the Blackboard site" and you will see a checklist with all of the students' names. You can remove old students from the course site either by selecting "Check All" or by selecting individual names.

At this point, you can either add additional course sections or you can return to Blackboard and begin adding content to your course site.

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