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September 23, 2008

Filename Limitations in Blackboard

Thanks to a recent upsurge in support requests related to filenames, we would like to review the few limits that Blackboard imposes on its filenames.

Blackboard is very flexible in the types of files it can store and in the ways that they can be named, but there are certain characters that Blackboard cannot handle. If a file name contains any of these illegal characters and the file is uploaded to Blackboard, any subsequent attempt to open that file will result in an HTTP Status 404 error or a completely blank page.
These characters are:

?, #, / and \

These file naming limitations apply to any content uploaded by instructors to content areas and to assignment names when those assignments are created in the Assignment Manager. They also affect any content uploaded by students to the digital drop box, Assignment Manager or as attachments in discussion boards.

If your attempt to open a file results in an HTTP 404 error, check the name of the file or assignment you are trying to open. It probably contains one of the illegal characters.

The only solution is for the original poster (either instructor or student) to rename the original file and then re-upload the renamed file. Removing the character will resolve the problem.

Posted by gxm11 at September 23, 2008 08:42 PM

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