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January 11, 2010

Welcome Back, Instructors!

The Spring 2010 semester has begun, and we'd like to help you get off to a smooth start. To do that, here's a reminder of some of the Blackboard support resources, training opportunities and tools at your disposal.

1. The Blackboard Wizard
Do you need to create a Blackboard site for your courses? Do you want to reuse an existing Blackboard site instead? The Blackboard Wizard (http://www.case.edu/its/itac/BBWizard/) is the tool through which instructors can create new Blackboard sites for their courses, reuse existing Blackboard sites for the current semester, check their Blackboard enrollments, update site titles and more!

2. Instructor Resources on Blackboard
All instructors of either a university course or a Blackboard course site should have access to the Instructor Resources tab within Blackboard. Inside of Instructor Resources, you'll find links to tools, documentation, and some of our suggestions on ways to make Blackboard work better for you.

3. Blackboard Workshops through CaseLearns
Working in partnership with the University Library, we are offering four workshops for instructors throughout the semester. You can learn more about the program and register for any of these workshops by visiting the CaseLearns website.

4. Getting Help
If none of these resources are what you're looking for, or if you just need additional assistance with your Blackboard course sites, you can either call the university Help Desk at 368-HELP or email the Blackboard system administrators at blackboard (at) case.edu.

Best of luck in this new semester!

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