What can we do?

Two things, my friend...

Item number one. We can take back Planet Case, tech bloggers! I'm looking at you Aaron, Alex, Andrew, Greg, Jeremy, Lev! Those political bloggers snuck up on us, didn't they? Where we once thoughtfully argued over such matters as programming languages, educating readers and stimulating critical thinking, a new wave of bloggers has claimed for such hopeless matters as political discourse!

What happened, guys? Here's my theory: Forum happened. Notice the lack of political threads on there, despite their abundance on home dot cwru? Notice the existence of threads with such phrases as "Computer Curricula," "multiple hostnames," and "DC++." We took to the forums to discuss our nerdy concerns and look what happened!

Well I won't stand for it. Tomorrow I promise to post something about Python or Linux or web services; is your mouth watering yet?

Item number two. We can take back Sara's Bike, concerned bloggers! That's right, some scumbag stole the bike right out from under Planet Case's own Sara Segel!

Here is a picture of me on now-stolen bike, which may or may not now have a basket attached:


(Don't ask.)

So here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna use Tran Tran's stash of crappy bikes to create a honeypot at the location of theft. We then stalk anyone who shows interest in said bikes. Then we get Sara's bike back.

Meanwhile, someone should take a hint from chicagocrime.org and get the Protective Services daily crime log outfitted with some Google Maps action. If these unwashed, mouth-breathing bike thieves have a pattern, we'll find it! Then we'll get Sara's bike back.