I've been working on some geocoding classes in Python. Right now I've got tools made for MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, and the Google geocoder. I plan to include the Yahoo! geocoder in this toolbox soon.

I think this could be a useful package, so I plan to upload it to the Cheese Shop soon.

I added the relevant geocoder classes to the Python CaseClasses so that developers can easily geocode strings using Case's Semantic MediaWiki.

Check it out. First grab the geocoder:

>>> from Case import Geocode
>>> wiki = Geocode.CaseWikiGeocoder()

Then start geocoding:

>>> place, (lat, lng) = wiki.geocode('KSL')
Fetching http://wiki.case.edu/KSL...
>>> print "%s: %.5f, %.5f" % (place, lat, lng)
Kelvin_Smith_Library: 41.50727, -81.60950

geocode returns a tuple consisting of the location name found and the coordinates (another tuple).

Here's where the Semantic part comes in. The Project Club article isn't geocoded, but it is located in Olin, which is geocoded:

>>> place, (lat, lng) = wiki.geocode('Project Club')
Fetching http://wiki.case.edu/Project_Club...
Fetching http://wiki.case.edu/index.php/Special:ExportRDF/Project_Club?xmlmime=rdf...
Fetching http://wiki.case.edu/index.php/Olin_Building...
>>> print "%s: %.5f, %.5f" % (place, lat, lng)
Olin_Building: 41.50224, -81.60778

CaseWikiGeocoder is a subclass of SemanticMediaWikiGeocoder and is defined by only the following:

class CaseWikiGeocoder(SemanticMediaWikiGeocoder):
    def __init__(self):
        super(CaseWikiGeocoder, self).__init__("http://wiki.case.edu/%s",
                                               relations=['Located in'])

This creates a SemanticMediaWikiGeocoder with a base URL of 'http://wiki.case.edu/' that follows the 'Located in' relation if a page fails to geocode. So SemanticMediaWikiGeocoder could easily be used for any Semantic MediaWiki with any set of relationships defined. This class is brand new and has only been tested on the Case Wiki, so it might be buggy.

MediaWikiGeocoder relies on BeautifulSoup since it assumes wiki pages can be malformed.

Remember, if you have easy_install, you can simply type this to install CaseClasses:

sudo easy_install http://opensource.case.edu/svn/CaseClasses/python/trunk

After this geocoding toolbox is complete, I'll see if I can make that Case geocoder web service we talked about on the forum.

Update: Per Greg's comment, support for reading coordinates from semantic attributes is now in Case.Geocode (along with some other small improvements).

CaseWikiGeocoder is now defined as:

class CaseWikiGeocoder(SemanticMediaWikiGeocoder):
    def __init__(self):
        base = super(CaseWikiGeocoder, self)
                      attributes=['Geographical coordinate'],
                      relations=['Located in'], prefer_semantic=True)