I've always wanted syntax highlighting for my Python code on the web. The geopy site, for example, is made much more readable with syntax-highlighted code. However, it's all done statically by using KDevelop's HTML Export feature.

The other night I decided to finally try out dp.SyntaxHighlighter, a JavaScript syntax highlighter. But unfortunately I discovered that its Python support is actually pretty ugly. Its Python example page isn't even valid Python! Type declarations? Not only that, but the test page demonstrates its parsing failures—the comment within a string is highlighted as a comment, not a string.

So I made some modifications. You can see the modified test page here. If you want to use it, check out my modified shBrushPython.js and my python.css, which you can modify to change the colors.

I took out all the highlighting of the builtins, exceptions, types, and modules. In practice I don't think that's very useful. The purpose of syntax highlighting is to make code clearer, not to classify every little token and make it look like a rainbow.

One thing I was not able to do was highlight class names and function names where they are defined without also highlighting the "def" and "class" keywords. I think this makes things look a lot nicer (as you can see in the highlighted geocoders.py code), but unfortunately JavaScript does not support lookbehind assertions, so I don't think it's possible without modifying dp.SyntaxHighlighter a bunch.

I also really like having operators highlighted (see here again), but that slowed it down considerably. Uncomment that line in shBrushPython.js if you want it.