A few nights ago Gary and I were in JCC trying to think of a quick project to make together. Someone suggested a web app that uses Gary's algorithm for evaluating software and companies: Google for "software/company sucks" and "software/company rocks" and compare the number of results. The result is sucks-rocks.com, which we've been refining for the past few days.

This might sound a lot like Google Fight until you realize that Google Fight's results are totally meaningless in the context of which term is better. sucks/rocks actually compares the number of pages praising something and the number of pages griping about it, which is a much better metric. Several phrases are used for both positive and negative queries.

I showed this to some people at the Django sprint at PyCon after someone brought up Cats or Dogs, which is even more interesting.

We included some examples for version control systems, operating systems, broadband providers, cell phone providers, and programming languages.

We're actually using Yahoo's Search API instead of Google's, since Google deprecated theirs and it only allows 1,000 queries per day. The results aren't much different. If you find anything interesting, post the link (using "Link to this") in a comment. (Note: There are a couple bugs that are fixed but still need to be pushed to the live site.)