Last night, Gary and I were in Jennings making some improvements to sucks/rocks. We switched to Paste's HTTP server so that queries to the search API wouldn't block the whole server (which was single-threaded). This was a big problem because after running out of both Yahoo and Google queries, we had to fall back to Microsoft Live's, which is the slowest to respond by far, and has an annoyingly small index.

While doing that and other minor changes, Gary noticed the server log start going crazy. "Holy crap! Someone's sending tons of traffic our way!" I asked him to check the referrer. "I just hope it's not — shit, it's Slashdot! Japanese Slashdot!" We checked and sure enough, it was the latest story. We went into panic mode as our CPU usage on WebFaction grew to 50% as we served multiple requests per second. We were able to make a few changes and get it back down around 6%, and Paste's HTTP server kept us online the whole time! We also noticed a bunch of other Japanese sites in our logs, including ,, and Japanese people love sucks/rocks! Our Google Analytics graph for this morning is below.



While Slashdot Japan was busy hammering us, we added a Latest searches box where you can watch incoming searches scroll by. We had been doing this before by watching the server log, and figured others would enjoy it too. This was flying by with all the traffic last night. (You can see below how crappy Microsoft's index is — they don't even have any results for xbox360, with or without the space!)


I'm not sure how many more features such a silly little project can handle, but Gary seems to have started working on a new (unrelated) project.