Since moving to Cleveland Heights, Sara and I have been taking the RTA to and from campus pretty often. The stop outside our apartment can get us there via the 9X or 7X, so we usually check those big tables before catching the bus. I thought it would be a big improvement if we could just have a little desktop widget that would say when the next bus on either route was coming.

But what's the fun in making such a simple widget if the backend powering it isn't generally useful? So I made a simple site that shows the bus schedules in a format more suited to our riding patterns. The plan is to have iCalendar feeds of the routes and stops, which the widget will read, while others can use the feeds however they prefer. For now the Superior & Mayfield and Mayfield & Euclid pages serve my needs.

This is after a couple days of hacking, so there are bugs, particularly in the early morning hours (due to weekday buses running until Saturday morning, for example). A trip planner would be nice too. One annoying limitation is that there isn't a list of all stops for every route that I can find. The 6 stops at Mayfield & Euclid, but it isn't listed in the abbreviated 6 schedule, so it won't show up there. Argh.

If the route you want isn't listed yet, just replace the 7X in http://exogen.case.edu/rta/route/7X with the route number and it'll fetch it from the RTA site.

Happy commuting...