I'm in the situation Ian Bicking was in not long ago—I'm really tired of this blog design and software and it's making me not want to post any of the entries I have pending. This blog will soon redirect to something better.

Pagoda should have a Developer Preview in October. Check out my presentation from the September meeting of the Cleveland Python interest group.

Remember how Ian and I spent months thinking up hundreds of names for our company? We are now incorporated as Unstoppable Rocket—one of the first names that was suggested.

If you've been following the geopy list, you've heard about the new release coming out. It should make things much more flexible and extendable, and fix all the issues from the past year or so. geopy 0.99 will be out this week.

The geopy update is also getting me back into the campus crime map and my Case geocoder service, which is going to be really smart. Updates there soon.

I started a new project called Revisionist, which is like Pagoda's revision model except generalized and using SQLAlchemy 0.4. I'm hoping other people will be interested in using and improving such a project. With the right helpers it should make revisioning complex models really easy.

If anyone has any neat suggestions for what Gary or I should talk about at the October Clepy meeting, let me know.