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Welcome to my MGMT 250 blog. I've never done a blog before and I am excited to be participating in this assignment. I am taking this course because it is a requirement for my major (accounting) and also in hopes of providing myself with more knowledge and understanding pertaining to the entire business world.

Like others, this class has turned out to be a little different than I expected. I was surprised that there were not going to be any exams; however, I am not an enthusiast as far as writing goes and unfortunately for me, managerial writing will be the main focus of this course.

I do like how the course offers different options such as this blog. I feel that this assignment will not only improve my writing abilities but it will also allow additional interaction with fellow classmates outside of the classroom. As I learned from the LSI I am an accommodator and therefore, I'm looking forward to the "hands on" activity of the HR Simulation.

Nonetheless, I have changed my goals and outlooks on this course. Not only do I want to improve my business knowledge but I look forward to developing my writing skills no matter how scrupulous it may be.


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I really enjoy the positivity and desire to learn that you express in your first post. It seems to match the enthusiasm with which you have spoken to me in the past.
Also, I, too, hope that the blog can be a means for you to hone not only your writing skills, but also your ideas about management and your future.
Please visit my blog post about feedback on the first posts for additional suggestions on how to improve your writing in the blogs (
I look forward to your future posts,

ps: Perhaps in related news, you receive a grade of .5pts of 1 possible point for the first round of blogging. While your post is on-time, you have lost credit for grammatical errors.

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