Goals and Dreams

Yesterday in class, there was an activity which required students to write down their goals and dreams. I found that the best way to perform this activity correctly was to write and think fast. This was not an activity designed for people to sit and ponder their ideas. I enjoyed this activity because it reminded me of the goals that I have unknowingly set aside. Many of these goals are small personal goals which were lost in the clutter of college life. Nonetheless, I have now been refreshed of these aspirations and will work to achieve them.

I have actually set a new goal for myself since this class session. I plan to perform this activity again in the future. I think it would be interesting to see if I have new goals and dreams after I graduate from college. I would also like to go as far as revisiting the activity once I have been working for about five years.

Nevertheless, I think that this activity will be very beneficial for completing the second part of my Individual Learning Plan.


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I really liked your idea, Brendan, about going back and doing this exercise again in a few years. I know that some of my goals and dreams have changed significantly since I've arrived at college, and I am guessing there will be even more of a difference by graduation.

This may seem to be over doing it, but I think I might attempt to do this activity every year. That way, I can see what goals appear to be the most important depending on how my year is going. Also, this will show what really is the most important to me; they will be the ones that are always the first written down without needing to think.

Michael, you have brought to my attention some very good points. Although it may currently feel as if once a year is too much, I expect that by this time next year, a lot will have changed in our lives. Not to mention, the more often that we perform the exercise, the better off we will be at remembering the small, yet important goals that easily get pushed aside.

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