During the last class session we spoke about feedback. There are two properties of feedback, giving and receiving. I think that it is much harder to give feedback than to receive it. For instance, during a job one does not want to create bad tension with another coworker. Sometimes it is hard to approach one of these situations without appearing to be rude and pretentious.

Currently, I have only had to give feedback in a positive way; therefore I have never had any bad experiences with this topic. Nonetheless, when the time arises, I will most likely use the “sandwich approach.” I will start the conversation with something positive, give the feedback, and then finish with something positive. I think that this approach works best because it does not pressure the person into a defensive outlook.

As Prof. Johnson explained to us, we should not be afraid to give bad feedback if it is the truth. This is due to the fact that most people will respect you because you are trying to help them succeed. Overall, this was a very informative session that will be valuable for me in the future.


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Posted on: November 28, 2006 04:02 PM

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