Training Programs

A good training program is the leading foundation for any company. The effectiveness of the training not only plays an important role on the company, but also on the trainee. A well trained employee will benefit a company and push it to further limits.

The type of training program that a company decides to institute is crucial. Most training is boring for the trainee, some methods are ineffective, and others are too time and money consuming. Companies must go to great lengths in order to pick the correct program.

I feel that the best methods of training are simulations. Although these programs may be very effective, they can also be extremely expensive. Besides simulations, the overall best training is actually experiencing the work, such as an internship. Companies offer these opportunities for students, and they are willing to pay these prospective employees because in the long run it will be cheaper than having to send someone through their training program. Nevertheless, due to the fact that these internships are great paying jobs for college students, the interview processes are very competitive and allow companies to find the best prospects.


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