HR Simulation Final Reflection

I noticed that my previous blog concerning the HR Simulation, though worthy, did not evaluate the simulation as a whole. I thought that the incident reports were an important and knowledgeable part of the simulation; nonetheless, I did not evaluate my entire outlook on the simulation. The fact that the activity was “hands on” benefited my learning style greatly. As mentioned before, I have an accommodating learning style and as a result, I learn better in active participation rather than lectures.

My primary dislike about the HR Simulation dealt with the allotted budget. Our group found that it was almost a task to allocate the entire budget because we were given too much. It felt as if we would budget the parts of the simulation that were most important and then we would just add the leftover budget randomly without a strategy. It seemed absurd to just be able to throw around an extra $100,000 that we did not even need. I felt that this was one of the biggest flaws of the simulation along with the incident reports which I spoke about in a previous blog.

Overall, I feel that the HR Simulation was the best management 250 activity, and I look forward to more “hands on” activities in future management courses.


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